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The Venus planet is widely known as the Goddess of kindness and affection. And it symbolizes the female features and characteristics. Moreover, she also signifies the sensual pleasure. She is the key factor who induces physical attraction towards the opposite sex. In simple words, she is totally gorgeous, stylish and graceful. She considers not only the quantity but also she has good quality.Below you can find a special name (nama) or mantra for this planetary deity through which you can seek the blessings of this Planet. This emphasis more about the powers of the Venus God.


 "Om Klim Shum Shukraya Namah"


From the above mantra, the word ‘Klim’ means the Karna Shakthi, which is nothing but the power of love, happiness and delight. (This word has to be pronounced as ‘Kleem’) In addition to the above mantra, there are also two more mantras which are to be recited to the Venus God. You can choose any one among them and chant them regularly.


"Om draam dreem draum sah shukraya namah"

"Om shum shukraaye namah"


Most commonly, people recite all these mantras with a string of jepa beads. Each string consists of 108 beads, which look more like the rosaries. These Mantras for planet Venus has to be chanted 16,000 times. It is also necessary to perform puja with white flowers and sandal wood which are considered to be sacred for such puja. The best auspicious time to begin the recitation is on a Friday, bright half of the moon. A ‘Sri yantra’ and/or ‘Laxmi Yantra’ has to be placed in the puja or the worshipping place. This can make your wish and desires become true sooner.Gayatri Mantra for Venus is as follow:


"Om Rajadabaaya vidmahe, Brigusuthaya dhimahi, tanno sukrah prachodayat"


The Gayathri mantra has 3 parts where the first part is the chants to the Planet Venus. The second part is the actual hymn or mantra and finally the part is the sum up of all the mantras and thr powers.The above gayatri mantra should be recited 3 times in a day. At sunrise, they are known as Gayatri, which is the earlier form and also the consort of the Lord Brahma. And also it has to be recited at noon time, where is called Savitri, the companion and partner of Lord Shiva. The mantra recited in the sunset will be known as Sarasvati, who is the consort of Lord Vishnu.There is one more ancient mantra for praising the powers of Venus which can be recited 16000 times.


"Hima-kunda-mrinalabham daityanam paramam gurum

sarva-shastra-pravaktaram bhargavam pranamamy aham"


When translated to English, it is given as “I present all my due respect and gratitude to the descendent of Bhirgu Muni (The venus), who has a magnificent looks and snow white skin. He is the king of the demigods who fight against all the evil enemies and keep people safe.” In order to get the maximum effects and get the blessings of the planet Venus, you should chant all these mantras with pure soul and devotion and fidelity.

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