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Career Astrology : Venus in taurus

Career AstrologyVenus in Taurus may confer jobs connected with agriculture cattle and transport. Such a natives has scope of earning money through various sources. 

Astrology of Venus in Taurus 
Venus in Taurus zodiac is not the own arena for Venus planet with a complete domination and rule over entire domain. This combination would bring Taurus natives having a stronger impact of the ruling planet of Venus upon them. 

Natives of this arena would have Venus in Taurus in as much of comfort loving with high persistence and endurance inside with no place for risks in their life. These individuals are perceived to be more conventional and strongly binded to their primitive beliefs. These people would possess a natural charm on their personality and carry an independent approach. Influence of Venus in Taurus makes these people more inclined to nature with more fantastical approach. Besides they are music and art lovers at the core. 

Love for Venus in Taurus people is about physical world and comforts, while they enjoy sensual surroundings. These people would often look as solid and comfortable. In fact, they would have something about their manner which promises that they would be satisfying lovers and partners. They would need a certain measure of predictability and dependability in their relationships. Even if the Sun planet is in a more spontaneous sign of Aries or Gemini. 

Venus in Taurus men and women can be highly possessive in love and they are threatened by fast paced and high energy situations in context of relationships and love. These are sensual partners who would require lots of hands on expressions of love. Their lovers might complain of Venus in Taurus to get a little too comfortable and settled. It is true that they would resist change to their relationships but even when they seem to be stuck in a groove, you can always reassure yourself by remembering that they are constant partners. 

Pleasing people with Venus in Taurus involves emphasizing loyalty and worth to them. They might need others to give in to them in love matters, since they would not readily give in. By being physical with them and providing comfortable things they can be attracted. Avoid pushing them in love to give them plenty of time. They would probably need to cultivate patience if you are in a relationship with Venus in Taurus. One needs to remember to be simple and natural so that Taurus would appreciate it. 

When the planet Venus is in Taurus then needs of love are largely determined from pleasing senses. The first of earth signs, Taurus is likely physical. These people are sensually inclined and not sensation oriented like Aries, though they are keenly tuned into the world of physical five senses. To understand Venusians Taurus nature it is helpful to think from three S words – sensuality, stability and satisfaction.

These people are conventional in matters of heart, with a strong sense of commitment and purpose. They are not romantic with frill or dreamy way yet they can certainly have sense of romance when it is about honoring others and surrounding their partners in simple luxuries. They are more practical and they take relationships more seriously.


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