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Career Astrology : Venus in 1st house

Career AstrologyNarayan Bhatt and Jeevannath Jha say that Venus in Lagana may confer upon the natives superior kind of jobs. Parashar, Varaha Mihira and Kalyan Verma say that it may make one rich, whatever may be one’s profession. Parashar further says that it may confer the favour of the govt. 

Astrology of Venus in 1st house 
Venus planet is a benefic influence for most individuals as written in Indian astrological arena. It is considered to be a giver of comforts and materialistic pleasures to human lives. Venus in ascendant is provider of charm and grace while appearance of person is benefitted with a blend to social and judiciary inclination of natives. 

Venus in 1st house of a birth horoscope chart in astrology would make him or her appear truly friendly in attitude while they have natural attraction with admiration from all people around them due to their pleasant attitude and down to earth nature. The natives of Venus in 1st house are endowed with artistic blend for being creative and possess a special inclination towards natural beauty, art and music besides which they are soft at heart and also efficient enough to get balance with practical vision and emotional core. On the other side, these natives with Venus in 1st house would hide their emotional core inside though they seek for similar core to share their lives which makes these people to be quiet hasty especially with making relations with love bonds for which they are perceived to be dependent on life partners. 

The natives of Venus in 1st house are calm with appearance; seek peace in life and well known for judiciary and righteous approach keeping them over moral and true path in difficult times. Even though they are true optimists watching life in positive vision everything good further makes them diplomatic with approach. Natives in this placement of Venus are born humanitarian souls who would do well to everyone around. They are truly generous and warm in their attitude. Natives are true explorers and pioneers who have courageous personas and never stay back from taking risk or first step while leaving behind path for followers. On another part, they are also winners of arguments as they triumph from you through words. 

People with Venus in 1st house are endowed with a strong enough intellect and intelligence. They are also deep hard workers as they are souls from arena of comfort and luxuries. In the end, they are also believed to be bestowed with immense fortune and trust in happily spending all moments in life. 

Venus in 1st house makes natives individuals handsome, long lived and sweet tongued. They would get married before start of earning his living. These natives become a leader of personas of their age group though leadership of family members leads to several family problems. Such a natives earns great profits in cloth trade and is generally deprived of interest of in religious pursuits.

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