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Career Astrology : Venus in 8th house

Career AstrologyAstrologers are not unanimous on the effects of Venus in 8th house. Bhrigu says that Venus in 8th house makes one happy. Sphuji Dhwaja says that it makes one honoured and favoured by the government. It may confer some dignified job under the government. It may confer some dignified jobs under the govt. 

Astrology forecast for Venus in 8th house 
Planet Venus or Shukra is one of auspicious benefic presence for planetary placement in horoscope charts though it provides various impacts which are both pleasant and adverse at times. Placement of Venus in 8th house brings easy benefits to person keeping their life path quiet comfortable and simple. 

Natives of this placement of Venus in 8th house would be endowed with financial gains from various channels in life path with special indication of financial benefits from marriage. These people get to possess many relations around in social and professional arena which brings them true and strong benefits even though all of them would not be much deep and strong beneath themselves. These natives with Venus in 8th house can be perceived as fortunate and blessed walkers of financial path. They would be asked to put more of their efforts in achieving what they want and for same, they would lead a life free from worries and without much hurdles in path. The natives would not confront real hardship of life and would be truly fun living and vivacious of attitude. Sincerity would not be part of their personality. 

Apart from this the placement of Venus in 8th house makes person quiet possessive and jealous of approach towards relationships around. They would be quiet attached in relationships for being loving and warm from core and so on.They would spread love and crave for same but would also be fearful at core. They would fear from getting hurt and betrayed in their relationships for which they would also have very few relationships in early or young age. Besides this, they are quiet fantastical in their attitude towards relationships while they wish to live in such arena only as simple and practical things which would not attract them. They are passionate in love and truly vulnerable inside. These people could even make out their business from arena of love. 

With the 8th house at its own a negative arena for which no planet can stay completely positive here for which Venus can bring adverse impacts comprising aggression and short temperament to spouse of natives. Besides, most of negative words of natives would become true and would be harmful. They would have a feeling of being misfortunate and very depressed at mental composure at times. 

Natives of placement of Venus in 8th house need never give any kind of assurance to anyone else. The vacant 2nd house would create problems in conjugal path if person would marry before 25 years of their age which could even include death of spouse. These natives need to throw either a copper coin or a blue flower inside gutter or a flowing dirty water for continuous ten days for benefic impacts.


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