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Career Astrology : Venus in 6th house

Career AstrologyHindu astrologers are not only divided over the use of the effects of Venus in 6th house but also that they hold contrary views to one another. Harivansh says that Venus in the 6th house may make one quarrelsome and of a suspicious nature. Such a natives is indiscreet and erratic in his behavior. 

Astrology of planet Venus in 6th house 
Venus planet or Shukra is a provider of calmness in attitude and gentleness to core for which presence of planet Venus in 6th house bestows softness to aspects in the house. Natives would remain affectionate even at workplace. Besides, they are admired and loved by many around them for their flexibility as also humanitarian approach at the workplace. 

Natives of this placement of Venus in 6th house can create a pleasing and peaceful environment at work while being helpful to others as they carry approach of growing with everyone around. Besides, their charming and warm persona develops stronger relations at workplace. These people would rarely have any foes and enemies from work. Apart from this their sincerity and determination to work would make them attain acknowledgement from superiors. 

Natives of placement of Venus in 6th house would create an interesting and loving environment even at workplace though they would remain sincere towards work. They would keep optimism alive in air. Sixth house would get impacted to planet Mercury and Ketu who would share an inimical relation in between though planet Venus would share a pleasant relation with both for which these placements appear good. Venus in 6th house is also the place of deliberation which could reverse impacts depending on planetary placements. 

Natives of placement of Venus in 6th house should keep the opposite gender happy while providing them all comforts as this would bring good growth of affluence and position to native. The wife of male native should not get dressed like males and should not have hair cut resembling males as this brings poverty to natives place. The spouse should not remain barefooted. These people who would have Venus in 6th house should marry one having brothers. These people should not ever leave their works incomplete. It would be beneficial if native’s wife wears gold clips over her hair. 

The native’s expression of love and affection are practical and helpful. Being of service to partner is especially important to them. In fact, they would go to great length to be available at all costs to loved one. While they might not be flowery or showy when it comes to expressing love, they would show love by availability, rendering services, doing practical things for loved one and other thoughtful things. Many of natives are talented at design work, as they appreciate and pay much attention to all little parts making up as a whole. They would find goal of order and harmony in these systems. If they are not careful, they might pass up on true love opportunities in favor of relationships serving practical purpose in life or out of fear that they might not find better.

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