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Career Astrology : Venus in11th house

Career AstrologyNarayan Bhatt and Jeevanath Jha say that Venus in 11th house may make one a ruler or equal to a ruler in any profession. Varaha Mihira says that it confers gain, Whatever may be one’s profession. Vaidyanath says that it makes one happy and rich generally at distant places or in some foreign land. 

Astrology of Venus in 11th house 
Venus planet is one of the most auspicious presences in astrological arena and provides benefic results in general. Arrival of Venus in 11th house bestows great social presence and attributes to natives besides which they would also lead a life of good wealth and position. 

Natives with Venus in 11th house are bestowed with good heights of social and professional arena with strong financial stature. They are efficient enough to maintain strong social relations and truly benefited from friends and relations around. These people are involved in group activities and carry great attributes of catering and services which further strengthens their bonds. Their social involvement helps them in professional growth as well. Natives with Venus in 11th house are free souls in relationships as they would possess good relations around though they would need to keep their relation in interesting surrounding for keeping it alive. These people find their partners through groups as they value togetherness of group and involvement. 

The 11th house in horoscope chart would get impacted from planet Saturn and Jupiter for which natives receive the combined results of planets upon Venus in house. Natives with Venus in 11th house should pursue remedies of planet Mercury for betterment and donate oil on Saturdays. These people should drink milk after dipping hot piece of gold in it. The friendship level of relationship needs to be genuine in order for sustaining romantic interest.

They tend to focus on unique qualities, those traits which make them stand out or are most attractive. Their relations must have unconventional element in order to keep interest levels high. Calves and ankles are attractive, they may also meet lovers through group activities. Although they value friendships and group affiliations highly, they might jump into friendships without considering responsibilities they might entail. 

Friendship is most important aspect of love for Venus in 11th house and main thing for them. Even if these romantic aspects are not there, they might feel as if there is enough to sustain a fulfilling relationship. Their logical mind supersedes their emotional state. Venus in 11th house astrology asks them to be careful such that their need to find a quirky or unique individuals does not endanger ability to do so. Not everyone is as unconventional as these people are. With Venus in 11th house they would not care about gestures or soft touches or anything which goes along with a typical partnership. These individuals are smart, creative and possess one thing which people do not see every day. That is the only way to maintain finicky interest levels.

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