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Career Astrology : Venus in sagittarius

Career AstrologyVenus in Sagittarius may make one learned. Such natives is popular. He may be a minister or a high official. He may have gains from cattle. He will command respec.

Astrology of Venus in Sagittarius 
Venus in Sagittarius placement keeps planet in neutral appearance for Venus sharing a neutral relation with ruling planet Jupiter of Sagittarius arena. Due to this combination there is not much of change in real Sagittarius picture. 

Presence of Venus in Sagittarius enclosure would enhance the inner softness of these innocent beings making them more loving and open minded in approach. On other hand, they are also getting more strength of intellect with some mature understanding which balances intense innocence in them. Natives of this combination with Venus in Sagittarius are perceived to be endowed with creative and artistic blend for which they could be seen as involved here. They carry a dominant persona and are believed to be successful in life. 

They are confident and positive in love. They also associate love and relationships with adventure, growth and learning. For most part they are easygoing in matters of heart although they are passionate and enjoy it when things are going their way. They want to grow through their relationships and do not appreciate humdrum, or stagnant partnerships which might make them feel caged in. They love variety and are given to exaggeration because they have such an expansive vision in matters of heart. Sometimes as a result they promise more than they can give. They value spontaneity and prefer to ‘wing it’ when it comes to love. Planning ahead takes all spice out of your life. They attract others with a free and easy attitude quickly become chummy with potential partners. 

Venus in Sagittarius are irresistible and mean no harm when they leave suddenly for another adventure. The only time this is a problem is when someone upsets them and tries to push them into doing something. That is when they have same reaction to flee but for different reasons. They hate confrontation and would do whatever they can to avoid it. Generally though, they would come back when they think coast is clear. 

Venus in Sagittarius would bring back to earth every once in a while since they get consumed by desire to roam. If Venus in Sagittarius believes their partner or loved one is trying to hold them from doing things they love they will leave for good. They are not great with compromise and would not stick around long enough to have a serious conversation. Venus in Sagittarius want someone who would go with the flow with them and be up for anything in a moment’s notice. While that is a difficult thing to maintain on a regular basis, no one gets bored in their presence. They accept everyone for who they are and appreciate their individual desires as well.


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