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Career Astrology : Venus in pisces

Career AstrologyWhen The Venus in Pisces: Venus in Pisces makes one meritorious, famous and wealthy. Such a native is a specialist or a minister or a ruler or a high official.

Astrology for Venus in Pisces 
Astrological placement of planet Venus in Pisces arena brings planet in a contented appearance with much of potency and domination. Pisces is in exaltation platter for Venus with maximum exaltation at 27 degrees. This is important to bring much of positive reflection from natives. Natives of combination with Venus in Pisces are perceived to be learned personas with strong intellect and understanding besides having a high analytical vision. They are witty individuals with wisdom, morals and loyalty as well as being pleasure seekers and comfort lovers too. 

Apart from this influence of Venus in Pisces enhances their fantastical vision for developing their creative side for which they are involved in this arena. Venus in Pisces people like romance and tenderness. They are not most reliable though remember that if they stretch truth it is usually because they are afraid it might cause hurt. 

Venus in Pisces have mystical quality which is attractive. For those who want to win Pisces Venus as mate, you would need to make first move. By being affectionate and demonstrative in love there could be success while always remain sensitive and gentle. 

Venus in Pisces is compassionate and sensitive. They have sense of humor in love with lots of suffering of ups and downs in mood. They get bothered by harsh or abrasive personalities. If one would look into dictionary for word ’wistful’ there is also a photo of Pisces Venus as definition. They desperately want to connect with a partner though it is hard for them to settle down. They like some freedom; they do not like to be tied to schedules and duties. They might have a difficult time saying no to people. 

Pisces are dreamers making Venus in Pisces most romantic of entire zodiac. They are charming and playful. They would want to give a wonderful unforgettable experience. They are sensitive to everyone’s needs and would do whatever it takes to help their loved ones. 

By being this sensitive would allow Venus in Pisces pleasure of courting someone and putting stops to show how much they care of a potential partner? In fact Venus in Pisces thrives on playing savior or martyr. This fits into daydream nicely. This can become a problem often when other people try to take advantage of them. They have to be careful not to get pulled into scam or let someone walk all over them. 

To keep attention of Venus in Pisces is to play along with their games and fantasies. This would always be pleasurable and magical experience which they love when others indulge with them. They would also put forth much effort which is more enjoyable when they share their work with someone.


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