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Career Astrology : Venus in 7th house

Career AstrologyBhrigu says thet Venus in 7th house confers wealth and vehicles. It makes one efficient in all works. If Venus be combined with some other benefic or if Venus be in Pisces, Taurus or Libra such a native may have immense prosperity through some woman or through partnership business.

Astrology of Venus in 7th house 
Venus planet or Shukra is giver of righteous approach along with charm to human lives while placement of Venus in 7th house brings same shade into relations of native. The natives of placement of Venus in 7th house need to carry a serious and sincere approach to relations especially towards marriage while they would be givers in their relationships. 

These individuals would carry peaceful and harmonious relationships on land and would develop strong and deep bonds with those around as indeed with almost most people would perceive them to possess many true friends in their life. More of credit would be for people having so many strong relations in life that they would be given to these natives only as they truly deserve it. In the same way they would also have a very well balanced conjugal life path. 

Natives of placement of Venus in 7th house provide immense significance to relations as this would be the only way to attain mental peace and happiness for them. In this, they are truly devoted to relations and are deeply warm and affectionate to their close relations. They would put all of their efforts to keep understanding and harmony alive in relationship though these people are advised to not bend till extent of losing their own existence. Natives of this placement having Venus in 7th house are hasty in making relationships which could be a reason of problems and mental instability at times. These people are truly charming and are believed to have charming partners. People born with Venus in 7th house are also efficient enough to maintain public relations at a high chore. 

Placement of Venus in 7th house is perceived to be one of most auspicious placement. This brings most of benefic result to natives. If any inimical planet to Venus gets placed in 1st house as if Rahu would be in first house then, the native’s spouse and household affairs would be adversely affected. Natives who would want to waste their wealth over opposite gender could turn towards immoral life path if other planetary placements do not provide support. Natives of this placement having Venus in 7th house are truly benefitted if they would have business associated with marriage ceremony, parlor and tent house or something which would play a role in marriages. These people are greatly benefitted from any kind of association with one eyed and black women. 

Natives of placement of Venus in 7th house should own cows as their pets at home while serving red cows. Including donation of Jawar equal to weight of spouse in temple would also bring you benefits. Also natives should throw blue flowers in dirty canal for 43 days for benefic impacts.

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