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Venus in 10th house

Career AstrologyBarring Narayan Bhatt and Jeevanath Jha, other astrologers in India have upheld presence of Venus in 10th house as quite auspicious from the professional viewpoint. Varaha Mihira says that it makes one a wealthy person, whatever may be one’s profession. Vaidyanath says that it makes one wealthy through farmers and women. 

Astrology of Venus in 10th house 

Venus planet is an explicit expression of pure intellect with creativity and bestows many benefic influences on individuals. He would hold immense charm with a vivacious persona. The presence of Venus in 10th house makes natives to be adorable and admirable both in place of work and social arena with professional and personality attributes. 

Natives who are born with this placement of Venus in 10th house are sincere at workplace as they give their best to achieve and accomplish all ends with best efforts. These natives are devoted at desk though would not let environment get serious as they know how to live every moment with those around. For similar reason, they are also surrounded by strong and pleasing relations around them. Also they would have an admirable and strong position in professional arena. 

These natives also have an intellectual mind with clear vision at work that brings out great solutions which makes things easier to accomplish. Apart from this Venus in 10th house also bestows the individuals with fantastical vision and creative attributes for which the people would be involved in artistic arenas. Those arenas requiring immense charm and influencing communication skills would also use these individuals well. These people are easily found in enclosures of entertainment, fashion and arts. Venus is also a provider of melody for which these people can achieve great heights both in singing and music industry. 

Natives of placement of Venus in 10th house are covetous and materialistic in approach making them behave suspicious at times. They are very much devoted and quiet dependent to spouse. They are believed to be safe if they would always hold the hand of their life partner as presence of spouse would reduce many evil impacts. 

Venus in 10th house people are truly benefitted from profession associated with Saturn. Natives of this placement are advised to keep wall of mud at western side of house to reduce malefic effects. During times of bad or ill health they should donate black cow as this would indeed help to good extent. Natives need to stay away from alcoholic drinks and non vegetarian food. 

Other people would respect these natives for their charming manner while they would have many admirers. Although some of these admirers come from afar, there is an aura about you which is charming though strangely and intriguingly distant. These natives would have a great need to be recognized and admired for their charm, beauty or loving manner though they need to be careful not to become too wrapped in what others think of them. These individuals would otherwise look phony or superficial. Some people with Venus in 10th position are married to work or to image. They would be good at making contacts and organizing social events.

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