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Career Astrology : Venus in leo

Career AstrologyVenus in Leo makes one wealthy and happy on account of some woman. Alternatively, one may have prosperity in foreign lands or distant places. Such a native is benefitted from enemies. 

Astrology predictions for Venus in Leo 
Venus in Leo placement would keep planet in neutral façade on account of neutral relationship in between the planet Venus and ruling Sun of Leo enclosure. This would not leave much of Venus impact upon Leo natives. 

Impact of Venus in Leo would enhance emotional and softer side of Leo natives while reducing aggressive blend of persona to some extent but they would stay proud. Presence of Venus would induce fantastical blend in Leo natives. The natives of this combination of Venus in Leo are bestowed with natural charm which further enhances dominance of their personality. 

When Venus in Leo people are in love, they are proud and even boastful. They can turn  Virgo suns or retiring Cancer suns into demanding lovers. They love to be courted and need to feel special. They are also warm, generous and even grand. Though they are really loyal to partners they thrive on attention from the opposite sex. Be prepared for their display as they would tell about any advances made on them. They just get into show off and which is likely harmless. It is a different story if you would do the same. That is when you would hear the lion roar, while this would keep cats purring. Venus in Leo wants to appear experienced in love, even if they have little or no experience whatsoever! 

Venus in Leo men and women have high expectations though once they know about expectations revolve around attention being given to them, they can be seen to be big hearted about everything else. They are threatened from relationship appearing to have settled too much or one that has lost its spark. They get threatful by indifferent and impersonal behavior on another’s part. Although need for physical expression in sex is quite strong, their need for love is even stronger. It is difficult for Venus in Leo people to separate love and sex, with their most erotic fantasies infused with love and affection. Very few Venus in Leo folks would last longer in a relationship which is mostly sexual. 

On a flip side, they might even last longer in love-only relationship in absence of satisfying sex, though  they are unlikely to feel satisfied. Pleasing Venus in Leo must involve paying loads of attention to them. If one were willing to make one adjustment in own ways, then one should remind Leo how wonderful they are. Respect and appreciation for them must be there always. One can put up with their childlike moments and their tall tales. They want to be seen as attractive so avoid putting them down in this area.


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