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Home Career Astrology : Venus In 12th House

Career Astrology : Venus in 12th house

Career AstrologyKali Dass in his Uttarakalamrita says that Venus in 12th house makes one wealthy and happy. Bhavartha Ratnakar says that Venus in 12th house enhances enjoyments and things over which it rules. It is further held by some others that planets and houses from which Venus will be placed in the 12th, may also be invigorated and give auspicious result at the house and planet deposited there in. 

Astrology of Venus in 12th house 
Venus is a most benefic celestial presence which is beneficial for most of times for human life. Placement of Venus in 12th house would bring positive impacts upon life path and would keep a balance between the expenses and income of person. 

Natives of the placement would be much reserved and secretive as also they would be more shy enough to express their real core. They are not weak from inside though they feel peaceful in solitude and attain satisfaction by spending time with one self. They are emotional and sensitive but mentally strong to keep a balance in between. 

Natives of the placement with Venus in 12th house would be truly affectionate and generous in attitude. They would quiet easily trust on people for which they could be used of their innocence at times and they are hurt quiet often. They would not get the worth of affection, trueness and sacrifices in relationships. These people could fall in love with the wrong people. Arrival of Venus in 12th house is truly beneficial as this would bless the natives with true life partner who would stand by them all times as this would defend the natives from various harms. Natives is truly benefitted at taking help from women as this proves to be truly advantageous for them. 

Malefic placement of Venus in 12th house would cause health problems to spouse of natives. Placement of Mercury in 2nd or 6th house would bring poetic and literary attributes to natives though it would come along with some health hurdles for person. These natives would attain true spirituality around the age of 59 to lead a good life for around 96 years. Natives of the placement of Venus in 12th house need to pay respect and love to spouse specially if other one is wife as that would bring goodness to home.

Spouse of natives should bury blue flowers at time of sunset for betterment of health and should stay involved in charity to keep safe. Donating cows will be truly beneficial for natives. Venus in 12th house love romance and being swept off their feet. They express feelings from grand gestures and over the top outings as they sometimes have trouble putting feelings to words. 

With Venus in 12th house they would love doing things for other people, especially their love partner. They sometimes go so far as to sacrifice feelings for someone they love even if they do not love you back. Venus in 12th house meaning shows one of the things others love of you is open mind and open heart. They attract people from all walks of life and get along with everyone.

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