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Career Astrology : Venus in second house

Career AstrologyBhrigu says that Venus in 2nd house gives one affluence. One may have gains of fortune, land or wife in the 32nd year of one’s life. Harivansh says that it gives affluence and favour of the govt. Jageshwar says that Venus in 2nd house may make one a good trader or a businessman who will have a good balance of money. 

Astrology of Venus planet in 2nd house 
Venus planet or shukra is a benefic influence for many people bringing goodness to human lives as it is giver of comfort and luxuries in life through either of way. Venus or Shukra planet would make path of natives to be quiet easier for growth, besides which it would also provide both charm and fortune. 

People with Venus in 2nd house are generally perceived to possess good affluence. They are believed to possess great materialistic wealth on land by which they also get involved in materialistic pleasures. These natives are very much inclined towards making money and use their intellect and endeavor for this. The natives of this placement of Venus in 2nd house carry a high taste and vision for all kinds of items. They will select only few who would possess worthy quality and are also be admired by many people around them. 

Besides this, these natives would possess an artistic and creative blend which is becoming another way for earning wealth for them. On another part, these natives with Venus in 2nd house also have a very melodious voice along with their charming and attractive style of words which impresses everyone around. Natives of this placement of Venus in 2nd house appear wicked to others as that would bring harm to them.  They should not have a shermukhi house or house with wide front. They should not have any business associated with gold while profession linked with earthen stuff, agriculture and animal would be benefic. 

Placement of Venus in 2nd house could lead to infertility for which these natives would need to take have honey and saunf. They should feed cows with potatoes which are colored in yellow turmeric. Also they should donate two kilograms of cow’s ghee in temples for reducing such malefic effects. These natives must stay away from adultery. Tangible expressions of love and affection are very important to them. Their tastes are usually "simply extravagant", well-defined, strong, and something of which they are proud of. Some people feel they have a talent for finding items of value and good taste. 

Though they are attracted to items of quality they are also generous for own benefit--in other words, they might give gifts with expectation of rewards. Some of these natives with Venus in 2nd house might be hedonistic and overly attached to winning admiration from a partner, at the expense of discovering true love. Their neck and upper chest body parts are erogenous zones while voice is unusually attractive. Though they do not generally jump into a new relationship but if they do, then their feelings would grow gradually. 

Natives with Venus in 2nd house look for a partner who makes them feel safe and secure. Once committed, their love is long lasting and sincere. They have strong values and others will find it hard to sway them in this area. Sensual, the world of touch and smell is most appealing while complex or mysterious partners are not as intriguing as simple and genuine ones.

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