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Career Astrology : Venus in 3rd house

Career AstrologyBhrigu says that natives with Venus in the 3rd house are capable of achieving their determinations if their Venus is free from affliction. Harivansh says that unafflicted Venus in the 3rd house may make one industrious and successful in endeavours but afflicted Venus may give only quarrels.soon. 

Astrology of Venus in 3rd house 
Astrological birth horoscope for planet Venus is perceived to be provider of immense stability with peace and persistence along with natural charm and diplomatic blend. Venus in 3rd house keeps stability alive for whole life and natives are true seekers of peace and harmony upon land. 

The natives of Venus in 3rd house are not among hasty people or risk takers though they also possess immense strength with vigor. They would rarely get to know about their inner potency as they are believed to be pacifiers. On the intellectual side, these natives have Venus in 3rd house are creative with artistic blend. As they are true diplomats they are also charmingly expressive making them liked and admired by many around. Natives of the placement of Shukra in 3rd house get a strong and courageous wife who would emerge as true support and defender for natives from evil and harmful impacts. The natives should stay loyal to his wife. 

On the other hand the placement of enemies of Venus in 9th and 11th house may bring adverse impacts. Natives individuals must stay away from adultery or flirting with other women and need to pay respect to wife to save from negative effects of this placement. These natives are verbally expressive, diplomatic and aim to become tactful. They can easily win over others with their words, whether it is due to likeable facility of language, beautiful voice, or diplomatic use of words. They would readily provide good compliments. Some of the natives use flattery for benefitting at risk of being ingenuine. They are especially good mediators who aim to settle arguments quickly and restore temporary peace. 

They are with a mischievous side and their desire to be tactful or polite with others does not always succeed. Some of natives engage in lot of mind games and others would eventually figure out that it does not mean of what you say and say what you mean! They value mental stimulation and frequent changes of scenery in their love relations.

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