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Career Astrology : Venus in aquarius

Career Astrology : Venus planet with placement in Aquarius zodiac brings planet in a contented mood on account of planet being natural friend of ruling planet Saturn of Aquarius arena. This is a balancing combination in Aquarius enclosure. 

Astrology for Venus in Aquarius 
Venus in Aquarius would enhance kind and generous side of Aquarius natives further developing humanitarian blend and makes them more respectful, this also reduces practical approach to a somewhat less extent and in end this is a balance in between. Natives of this combination with Venus in Aquarius carry a strong and dominating personality with charm from Venus. These individuals are perceived to be intellectual and witty in mind with calm and peace loving persona. 

When Venus is in Aquarius they do not want to follow all ‘rules’ in love, preferring to love in own way unfettered from convention or supposed to be usually done. They are future minded with a tad unconventional habit. There is an unmistakable ‘free spirit’ air which shows up most obviously in matters of the heart. This does not imply that these folks do or do not fall in love. For them infatuations happen easily though true love can be a little elusive. When they do make a commitment they are generally able to stick to it. 

The commitment made generally has to be a little different in order to be tolerable to them, making them proud of this difference. Following the beaten track simply does not sit down well with them. They do not have an aloof air about them which others find attractive. If they are looking for commitment at a later date however what was once considered charismatic might be annoying. This is easy for them to feel claustrophobic in relations that are too close. 

Venus in Aquarius uses their intellectual prowess to show off for potential mate and are looking for someone appreciating their active mind. They pride themselves on being forward thinkers and need someone they can talk to or debate with on all their ideas. As air sign, Venus in Aquarius does not care much about their physical realm which is all about stimulating mind. Admire their mind power and compliment on their creative thought process. Being unique and innovative is an essence of their personality. 

It can be frustrating sometimes for others who are emotional than logical to interact with Venus in Aquarius since they despise outbursts. Their practical nature does not allow them to be emotional about anything although that does not mean they do not care. This is why Venus in Aquarius people hate rules which are extraneous or too confining. They need freedom to explore in own way and come up with own conclusions. Allow them to be themselves and they would do the same for you.


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