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Career Astrology : Venus in libra

Career AstrologyVenus in Libra may make one diligent in one’s work. Such a native is skilled even in the most difficult job. He is a well-travelled person. 

Astrology predictions of Venus in Libra 
Venus in Libra people impress with kindness, even-handedness and willingness to make relations work. They possess a polished manner of love, which makes them look insincere or superficial. Venus in Libra individuals are gentle lovers, who hate to be offended. They easily get threatened by any bad manners or direct and abrasive expression of feelings. They would not prefer to choose the middle road, they seek middle ground in relationships. They would expect to be treated in a fair manner. People can get turned on by their willingness to allow and adjust their lives to fully accommodate others. 

Venus in Libra men and women have idealized images of their relationships even to point where relation is bigger than life taking on a life of its own. They are quietly resentful when they feel they are being taken advantage of. They would make it look easy for more aggressive types to bully them around. A Venus in Libra person loves to share though if someone is being tactless or rude, it really turns them off. When a relation is unbalanced they will be unhappy. They would try to bring back into balance without anyone noticing. If their partner does their part to keep their things on an even keel, Venus in Libra will do their part in a relation. They would always consider how other people feel about everything while they treat others the way they want to be treated. 

Venus in Libra are most happy when they are partnered with someone. They are sensitive to those around them and could be accused of changing who they are to become what someone else wants them to be. It is easy for them to lose their identity of they are not careful since they tend to see things from their partner’s view point. Venus in Libra demands same from their romantic partners. They strive to maintain equal footing with them at all times, even when it is impossible to do. They would tend to have an idealized picture of their relationship. 

Venus is a symbol of love, beauty, art, relations, pleasure, money, finance and leisure. Venus in Libra are social and charming. They enjoy courtship leading to a serious relation. They thrive on finding middle ground of any situation, meaning they also know how to please both sides. This helps them to mediate arguments with their loved ones and bring back to civil tone. 

When things are going well in love life, Venus in Libra is on top of world. They share everything with loved ones and would do whatever it takes to make them happy. They are all about maintaining balance of lives and lives of closest social circles. So they put a lot of care into pleasing others. They are able to adapt in whatever way is necessary to alleviate a difficult situation.


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