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Career Astrology : Venus in gemini

Career AstrologyVenus in Gemini may give success in science, arts, commerce and other faculties. It may make one earn through writing, music, dance, drama, intellectual pursuits, commerce and trade. 

Astrology for Venus in Gemini 
Venus is a benefic presence and in Gemini it would bring with it a pleasing appearance on account of natural friendship between Venus and ruling planet Mercury of Gemini enclosure. This placement of Venus in Gemini brings many of positive impacts upon the natives. 

Presence of pleased Venus in Gemini in arena of Mercury bestows strong eloquence and an attractive personality with blend of high charm to natives. These individuals are often perceived to be king and generous at heart with gentleness of attitude. On other hand, they are also quiet creative and fantastical people who are believed to be inclined to art. 

Natives of this combination of Venus in Gemini are endowed with a strong intellect and intelligence with high analytical vision and logical mind besides which they are also knowledge seekers which is altogether in end making them learned. When Venus is in Gemini they look for lively relationships with plenty of activity and communication. When in love these people make light and witty company, even if their Sun planet is in a more serious sign like Taurus or Cancer. 

They would look for a partner who could hold a real conversation. Scratching beneath they would want somebody to talk about multiple subjects in a short time period. When in love they can be a real tease! These folks then joke and cajole, while they turn others on with the promise that love will be fun with them. 

The reputation of Gemini is for being somewhat dishonest. Evasive though dishonesty is off the mark. Venusians and Gemini people are not in touch with their feelings enough to give a concrete answer when they get cornered. Also they might be mentally stimulated, so they are surely more aware than most of all possible answers or reasons. If asked by their partner of avoiding them, their answer would seem to have been pulled out of a hat. 

The truth is that one does not always know the answer right away but as they are so communicative that a response comes out of you anyhow. These folks are not the type to excuse them to soul search and get back to their lover with meaningful answer. They are always quick to reply. This quality is often misinterpreted as insincerity. 

Venus in Gemini people is most sentimental of lovers although they do have a wonderful way with words. They value exchanging and sharing ideas in partnership with good conversation which makes powerful foreplay for them. They have urged to be free and have variety in love. This is coupled with choice to skirt these intense topics. This causes some partners to opine that they are as substantial as cotton-candy. 

Some Venus in Gemini people would go through their lovers like Kleenex to avoid their frightening thought of committing to only one partner, when many are capable of loyalty in long term. They simply want that their relationships must be interesting.


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