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Home Career Astrology : Saturn In 12th House

Career Astrology : Saturn in 12th house

Career AstrologyBhrigu says that Saturn in the 12th house may give poverty and downfall if it is conjoined with some malefic. It, however, may confer Raja Yoga if it is combined with some benefic. Harivansh says that native with Saturn in the 12th house may go quite lazy in their natives place and suffer poverty. 

Astrology of Saturn in 12th house 
Saturn or shani is a influencing planet bringing strength and growth to native’s life though it also brings difficulties and hurdles in native’s path. Arrival of Saturn in 12th house bestows potency to individuals though it also brings instability due to obstacles and negativity to environment around. 

Natives with Saturn in 12th house are quiet reserved in attitude preferring to stay in lurk arenas and solitude as they feel secure in them. These natives do not have many pleasant relations around, neither are they involved in public activities as they like to work behind scenes. They would not receive worthy recognition and reward for their endeavor. 

Individuals born under this placement of Saturn in 12th house lack at self belief and are unstable at their mental composure. Natives of this placement would be fearful of harsh realities of life and very sensitive to evilness prevailing in air. Natives of this placement have to face unreasonable guilt and anxieties which emerges from their inner emotional depth making them vulnerable from inside. Natives of placement need to try to merge with people around as this would make them vanish the vague inside them and should try to enjoy life the way it is. They need to accept themselves the way the creator has made them. 

Placement of Saturn in 12th house brings pleasant results for which these natives would not have enemies. They would have more than one house. Natives of this placement further grow their family business attaining high affluence in their life path ahead. Natives of Saturn in 12th house need to stay away from immoral drinks and food comprising alcohol and non vegetarian food as this provides adverse impacts of Saturn. They need to keep twelve almonds wrapped in black cloth and place it in an iron pot, in a dark room to reduce bad impacts of this placement. Saturn in 12th house would have difficulty with constant self doubt. They have a deep seated problem with confidence either stemming from childhood or more recent failure which they cannot let go. Only thing which makes them feel better is helping others. 

Saturn in 12th house shows that they are generous and open minded attracting people from all walks of life into their social network. Only thing they need to be careful of are false confidantes. People with Saturn in 12th house of horoscope do not want anyone to think they need help. They internalize their feelings to point they begin to eat at you from inside. It is this kind of personal tug of war which makes them insecure and Saturn does not help to put you back on right track.

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