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Ketu in cancer

Career Astrology : Ketu in cancer symbolizes an unpleasant situation due to its negative impact. The ruling planet of cancer is Moon. Ketu and moon are considered as the natural enemies. This makes the cancer natives crave for stability and emotional support. They dont find easy to trust anyone and have a fluctuating mind. They prefer to maintain a comfortable and a materialistic life. Such people are usually not satisfied with what they possess with them. Ketu in cancer is believed to have a balanced emotion and he is capable of providing sound advice which are beneficial for others. Such persons leave everything on God for taking the important decisions of their life. 

Horoscope predictions of Ketu in Cancer 
Ketu in Cancer zodiac keeps shadow planet in an unpleasant appearance due to which it reflects much negative impact on them. Ketu is sharing a natural enmity with ruling planet Moon of Cancer arena. Influence of Ketu in Cancer further intensifies inner sensitivity and craves for emotional support and security of Cancer people. This altogether makes them mistrusting anyone around as well as leaving them quiet detached from surroundings in end. These individuals might have instable mind and fluctuating life path. 

Natives of this combination of Ketu in Cancer are quiet self centered and are inclined to comfort and materialistic life. These people stay unsatisfied with everything around throughout life. With Ketu in Cancer shadow planet is usually with an unpleasant appearance. This is so due to negative impact reflected on natives of this combination. Moon is ruling planet of Cancer. Ketu and Moon are natural enemies. Therefore this position is quite unpleasant for Cancer natives. 

Ketu in Cancer brings a person more intensity of inner sensitivity. Such people would always crave for emotional support, security and stability. Due to this many people with Ketu in Cancer do not find it easier to trust anyone. They are detached from people around them and surroundings. People with Ketu in Cancer might have unstable mind and fluctuating life. 

People with Ketu in Cancer could sometimes be very self-centered. They might be inclined to comfortable and materialistic life. Most of these folks are usually not satisfied with almost everything throughout their life. Cancer is believed to be sign of emotions. Ketu in Cancer does control emotions in every possible way. However, from Ketu in Cancer a person is able to feel all such emotions in balanced way. Such people do not rigidly control their emotions. 

With Ketu in Cancer these people would give very sound advice. Such people never have a shortage of money. If Ketu is malefic in Cancer the person might be very unhealthy. Such a person’s mother might be troubled with loss of happiness. A person with Ketu in Cancer might suffer from diabetes. Such a person’s son is born after 36 years of age. They might have more daughters than sons. 

Ketu in Cancer individuals in his past life had his emphasis on home and the environment. He has spent his past life in different trained exercises. He couldn't get an opportunity to go out and do things. As an aftereffect of this, he is obliged to do part of things in this life outside home. He is enriched with effortlessness and optimism, has much sensitivity for others and enthusiasm for seeing those in his own particular circle to collect riches. He is sensible in contention, takes an enthusiasm for governmental issues, similar to loftiness in structures and gives of his substance to the weaker and less blessed.


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