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Ketu in iind house

Career Astrology2nd house is influenced by Moon, which is a foe of Ketu. Assuming that Ketu in 2nd house is benefic then one gets fatherly property. One need to travel a mess and his ventures are productive. Venus gives exceptional comes about, independent of its position. Moon might give awful outcomes. In the event that Sun is in twelfth house then one begins gaining his vocation twenty four years later and is cheerful. 

Astrology predicted for Ketu in 2nd House 
Ketu is another malefic planet which provides various impacts depending on planetary influences as well as some benefic impacts of this position to financial and professional heights. Ketu in 2nd house brings adverse placement from malefic effects. The second house is ruled by Moon which gives results according to the placement of Ketu. The benefic placement of Ketu in 2nd house would bestow the native with a good affluent life with benefits of paternal affluence and property but Moon will bring adverse impacts. These folks need to travel a lot and most of them would get benefitted. 

The malefic placement of Ketu in 2nd house can take native to wandering in places without benefit. Native would gain good income with high expenditures to lavishness. On other hand placement of Sun in 12th house makes native to begin work after 24 years at a good phase of life. An exalted placement of Jupiter in the 2nd house along with Ketu would bring really high income to the native. 

The placement of Moon or Mars in the 8th house brings a shorter life span to the native  with serious problems at the age 16 or 17 years. An empty eighth house would also bring malefic effects from Ketu. These people having Ketu in 2nd house should follow remedies to decrease malefic impacts of ketu. This includes visiting temples, worshiping with a true core of heart and putting the tilak of turmeric and saffron over the head. They should stay away from adultery and should not get much involved in worldly pleasures. 

With Ketu in 2nd house during childbirth, the local will be deprived of learning and will have a brutal way of talking. He will have an evil search and be indigent for nourishment on others. At the point when Ketu in 2nd house, it may prompt monetary issues for the individual and he may spend his cash pointlessly. He may indeed face issues amid his essential training. This individual comprehends an issue rapidly, yet he may not get the backing of his crew.The position of Ketu in a favorable sign gives the individual solace and accommodation. This individual ought to entirely take after the laws else he may get included in legitimate debate. 

Ketu in 2nd house gives a need to change - “past lifetimes materialistic hobbies”. By uniting their endeavors and abilities with others for a typical objective, they will find that individual have more esteem than material belongings. Their affection for belonging had not brought them satisfaction. Belongings ought to improve life as opposed to command it. Subsequently, they have to reorient their reasoning and audit their qualities. They have a inclination for helping other people add to their internal abilities and for helping other people reconsider their qualities in capacity. 

Assuming that Jupiter is lifted up on top of Ketu in 2nd house, then salary might be in lacs of rupees. In the event that Ketu in 2nd house is malefic, then one needs to go to dry regions. One can't rest at one place and might be meandering from spot to place. Pay may be exceptional, yet so might be the use. Therefore net increase might be irrelevant. Provided that there is Moon or Mars in eighth house then local's existence might be short and he might have genuine issue at the age of sixteen or twenty years. Assuming that eighth house is void then Ketu might give malefic effects. 

1. Saffron or turmeric should be applied as tilak. 

2. Character of a person is very important and it should not be loose. 

3. If someone religiously visit temples and bows his head at that place then Ketu in 2nd house would grant excellent results.

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