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How praying is important for our lives?

How praying is important for our lives

Prayers are an important way to talking to God. It is very important for many people, as they would agree on this. It is best way in talking to God. We would be far from committing mistakes since we have already set path on to his guidance. Whenever we pray to God we feel secure and at ease. We believe of our actions and no errors as we have asked for his guidance. As a true Christian praying is a part of daily life. This is what a duty everyday is, not only one day but whenever I do get chance. For big decisions which I need to make ahead, I would set a devotional prayer that lasts for a month. I myself believe that one and all people need not get tired of praying as Almighty God is not tired in helping us. He is impartial and continues to shower us with blessings. If you get the guilt of having neglected prayers, there are many reasons when I think we need to pray.
Reasons why we pray

1.    We pray to thank our Father Almighty or God for the protection He is providing to us.
2.    We pray to ask for His forgiveness of our sins because as human beings we have been always committing sinful acts.
3.    We pray for our family.
4.    We pray to ease our sufferings.
5.    We pray for our good health.
6.    We pray for our parents.
7.    We pray for our siblings.
8.    We pray for our husband or wife.
9.    We pray for our children.
10.  We pray for our friends.
11.  We pray for our work or school.
12.  We pray before we travel.
13.  We pray when we are sad.
14.  We pray when we are happy.
15.  We pray because we want to ask for His guidance.
16.  We pray when there is a big event happening.
17.  We pray because we have troubles.
18.  We pray because we have sufferings.
19.  We pray for our hardships or burdens.
20.  We pray for our shelter.
21.  We pray for food.
22.  We pray for our neighbors.
23.  We pray for our country.
24.  We pray for our enemies.
25.  When we have illness, we pray to ask for healing not only for our physical condition but mostly for our spiritual condition.
26.  Whatever reasons we have when we pray, we should not forget to thank God for all the blessings He had given us especially the life that he continued to lend us.
When Should We Pray?
1.      We need to pray when we are awake in morning, before we start to do anything. We should thank Him for providing us another day in our lives and protecting us while sleeping.
2.      We need to pray before eating a meal.
3.      When we are going somewhere, we need to pray before leaving house to ask protection from calamities and dangers.
4.      Before we go to sleep, we should pray to thank for protecting us and ask Him again to watch over us while we sleep.
The Power of Prayers
I now share the story of girl which I read and that showed how power of prayers protected her. Maybe some of you have already read the story though some who would not know about the story. There are many stories which enumerate power of prayers and that praying is important for all of us. Stories are sometimes as you hear them, giving you goose bumps and serving as an inspiration.
My Own Experience
While praying is part of my life, there are instances which I cannot forget which happened when I was still a child. My own mother and myself were about to go to our province. At night just the day before departure, I went sleepy and so tired that I fell asleep without whispering any prayer. Later, my sister woke me up and told me to pray first before going to sleep since, aside from prayer it was embedded in our minds about prayer before going to sleep. As I was a child then, I became too lazy and fell asleep without praying. Next morning, my mother and I were riding a bus. I was happy because I was on trip with my mother and I was about to meet some relatives in the province. With the travel allowance only enough for one person, my mother thought that my transportation is free. The bus conductor told my mother that the minimum fare must be paid. Unfortunately then, my mother had to leave me. I knew she was hurting when she saw me crying and that I really wanted to go and I knew that she really wanted me to come with her. Even though our money was not enough for the two of us, she had no choice but to leave me. At the moment I realized my grave folly. If I could turn back time and whisper a little prayer maybe that would have made a difference. I was hurt not only for myself but also for my mother who wanted to accompany me to journey. Since that day I have never forgotten to pray and I learnt a big lesson. Praying is really that important.
A prayer is really important for our daily lives. spirituality It is most important  and powerful tool to fight any burden, troubles, sufferings and illnesses you might have. Prayer is done not only in good life conditions but also when you feel blessed because you have so many reasons to thank God. From whichever religion we are born into, our belief of prayer is because we believe that there is someone for us in heaven who is more powerful than anyone else. Whichever reason you might have, God is always ready to listen.

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