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How Do You Pray

How Do You Pray

Praying can be called an activity or even a time for self when our spirituality is awakened and we become one with the divine forces of nature. While praying, our energies become one with those of the natural elements as our mind and body is usually at peace when we are praying.

Interestingly enough people usually associate praying with specific rituals but it needs to be understood that these every activity done with full concentration and honesty is as good as praying as performing our worldly duties is also one form of being one with God’s plan of the universe.

In the modern society spirituality is often associated with completely dedicating oneself to the service of God but little do people realize that service to humanity is one of the God’s own chosen ways of salvation. Be it a mother nursing her newborn or an octogenarian knitting booties for her grandchild, spirituality exudes in all these actions as these actions are driven by nothing but untainted love.

Spirituality resides within the soul of every individual and finds expression when the body prepares to connect with the natural forces with the help of prayers. Even when individuals perform tasks together that prepares the body and one’s vicinity to enjoy the flavors of the changing seasons it is a form of integration of thoughts and consciousness and is as good as a prayer.

Spirituality also finds expression in carefully maintained relationships as relationships are nothing but an integration of consciousness which when maintained beautifully create a harmonious living space that is in accordance with nature’s divine laws.

With an integration of good thoughts and consciousness in the form of prayer we humans not only help in replenishing the good energies of the universe but also make up for the all the negativity that seeps into our living spheres due to various incoherent actions of humanity.

Praying can thus be stated as a unified state of the mind and body with the divine forces of nature that inadvertently invokes spirituality and sense of unison with God.


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