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The zodiac sign Taurus

Taurus is the zodiac sign represented by the bull. Taurus natives value loyalty in relationships while never forsaking a friend in difficult times. These individuals are best when not rubbed in the wrong manner and definitely never lock horns with them. Taurus natives are not too comfortable to changes while the one thing they crave for most in their life is stability. Their love for material comforts is owed to Venus, which is ruling planet for Taurus.

Taurus folks are prudent and pragmatic individuals who never do anything without foolproof results being guaranteed first. They take a route which is tried and tested than do their own thing. These natives like good food, good music and beautiful scenery for immense happiness. Their disposition is friendly and genuine. Their inability to fight laziness and stubbornness is a downfall for them.
Taurus people are headstrong with fine taste in everything. The Taurus folks have an inherent tendency to make things go steady. With this persistence is the perception of their practicality and reliability. These native Taurus people flock at museums and adore a cozy enough stay at home. They have great value for peace and harmony in personal life and strive to make family happy and blissful. Being sentimental they go into the depths of possessiveness and jealousy.

The physical features of Taurus are attractive and appealing. They usually have a strong built physique. Taurus women are with an opulent feel for the manner of their talking and walking. Taurus people are some of the highly gorgeous people from all of the sun signs. The Bulls are frequently testing their body strength on the field, and are fond of demanding adventure sports like mountain climbing, hiking, river rafting, etc. as they love nature and like to stay close to it. No wonder the color for Taurus is the soothing green. Being an earth sign, their characteristic bent is rock solid, stable and practical.

Paradoxically, these natives are fixed with their approach and disregard change. This also means that Taurus individuals are difficult to convince to change their minds. Possessive Taurus people make excellent lovers. Their own personal lives and security net is precious to Taurus and they do not hesitate to shower their beloved with amazing gifts.

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