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Analysis of predictions from Career Astrology Michael Jackson

Analysis of predictions from Astrology: Michael Jackson

The highly popular and famous celebrity Michael Jackson’s Career Astrology chart is worth an analytic study. There is a lot of learning and opportunity to an astrologer to understand from his charts and predictions.
There are already the observed seven or eight birth times that have been used by astrologers for analyzing the birth chart of Michael Jackson. With a lot of effort the birth time was accurately ascertained to be 11.55 pm on August 29th 1958 in Gary, Indiana. His ascendant was in Gemini sign at 8 degrees and 6 minutes in Mercury sign Rahu’s Nakshatra. The accuracy of all birth times using the Ruling Planets concept in KP System was studied to rectify birth time to 11:55 PM on 29th August 1958 in Gary, Indiana. Michael Jackson’s ascendant Lord happens to fall in Gemini sign at 8 degrees and 36 minutes, in Mercury sign’s Rahu Nakshatra. KP ayanamsha was used as opposed to Lahiri ayanamsha used by many Vedic astrologers to prepare Michael’s Career Astrology chart. The difference between the two systems of Career Astrology study is about 6 minutes.
The ascendant lord or lagna lord in Michael's chart is one of the best to study in the astrological predictions. The lagna chart if strong imparts the person a big   success. The planet Mercury which is ruling Michael’s ascendant and is also 2nd house of money, with the 5th house representing entertainment, music, drama etc, also with Mercury in the 3rd house in the chart, make for an excellent combination. The second house cusp stays in Gemini instead of the cancer sign, since Michael’s ascendant is in beginning of Gemini and his 5th house cusp stays in Virgo instead of Libra due to the same reason. This system of astrological chart reading is called the Placidus House System. This system uses Cusps that are having house beginnings like Western System much opposite to Vedic Astrological System that uses House centers or the Bhav Madhyas. So, each house may not be 30 degrees, some houses may be less than 30 degrees while some more than 30 degrees, which is a particular sign that would intercept cusps of more than one house as also own two or three houses in the Zodiac.
Mercury is in the constellation or Nakshatra of Ketu in the 11th house. This is given alongside Ketu also being in Mars sign Aries, which represents Mars the ruler of 6th house present in the 11th house. So again the lagna lord Mercury the ruler of 1st, 2nd and 5th house in third house has very effective stronger connection to the 11th house of gains and the 6th house of health problems. Therefore the lagna lord 6th house connection is very good for financial gains as the 6th house aspects to 12th to 7th house, thereby bringing loss to competitors with gains to native. Even then the lagna lord's connection with the 6th house is bad as it is about health matters.
The constellation or Nakshatra lord of Micheal's ascendant lord is Mercury which is along the given aspect of Jupiter being in the 5th house. This evidence is also defined for Jupiter in Gemini lagna which is both Badhaka (planet of obstruction) and Maraka (a death inflicting) planet as Jupiter is the ruler of his 7th house. Therefore there is lagna lord Mercury with a strong connection with Badhaka and the Maraka planet Jupiter, as the Jupiter from 5th house is strongly aspected to Ketu in the 11th house which is Nakshatra lord of Mercury. This clearly defines the inability to make more money at certain life periods. This is explained much later in the analysis. Rahu and Ketu also provide essential results of this planetary position which is an insight into the conjunction aspects of Career Astrology chart as well.
Michael Jackson has had his Jupiter mahadasha until May of 1969. Jupiter is the ruler with Badhaka, Maraka of 8th house from the chart. This clearly defines all difficulties from early childhood and success, name and fame which did not come from Jupiter's period until May of 1969. Saturn is another planet whose position in Micheal's chart is in the 9th house of fortune with 10th house of career while it is in Mercury's Nakshatra as ruler of 1st house, 2nd house and 5th house with Rahu's sub in the 5th house. So even with an unfortunate period from Saturn's mahadasha from May 1969 to May 1988, did give very good results. Then the ruling planet of 10th house of career is Saturn which is in Nakshatra of the 5th house for entertainment and music which is also governed by lord Mercury. This gives his career related to entertainment, music and Mercury ruling 2nd house of money, so Saturn gives him a good wealth as well. Then Michael’s position, career, name and fame came during Saturn's mahadasha. 
Many incidents from his life substantiate the analysis from the astrological chart. Incidentally when his hair caught fire during filming of Pepsi commercial on Jan 27, 1984 there was peculiar Saturn mahadasha, Rahu Bhukti and Saturn Anthara. Since this placing of rahu is a strong and important aspect of 12th house being in Venus sign. Also at the sametime, Saturn had been in transit Badhaka and Maraka planet in Jupiter's nakshatra. At same time Rahu had been in 12th house in Venus's sign with the Moon nakshatra. Moon being in the Jupiter's nakshatra in natal chart indicated evil. While the Sun was transiting in Capricorn, the mahadasha lord Saturn's own sign! It determines how the month when a particular event should transpire in native's life. When Jackson's album released on October 2001, it had totally flopped. This was during the influence of Mercury mahadasha, Jupiter Bhukti and Venus Anthara from period June 2001 to Nov 2001. Here, Jupiter is the strong significator of Badhaka, Maraka, and 8th house while Venus is the strong significatory of 12th house. The significatory of 8th and 12th house operate together through dasha, bhukti, and anthara which brings loss and failure.
In the study of Michael Jackson astrological report, Jupiter the ruler of 7th house is Badhaka and Maraka planets has already been observed. Also Jupiter is conjugated with Rahu and there is the aspect of Ketu. Combining this information with Jupiter as ruler of 7th house in nakshatra of 6th house lord Mars, with Mars in 11th house, we conclude it is not at all good for conjugal happiness. Such a person would inherit an unusual sex life as ruler of 7th house is Rahu and Ketu in nakshatra of 6th house lord Mars. His marriage was one in convenience speculated to repair image and have children. The rahu in this case is in Libra sign in the 5th house which represents Venus as this is in Venus sign which is also ruler of 12th house being in the 2nd house for money. Undoubtedly there is a strong connection of 5th house (house of kids) with 12th house of loss, thereby explaining a lot of similar problems and loss of money through association with kids. As it had so happened there was a settlement lawsuit, in which an undisclosed amount was paid to the accuser on the trial date 25th Jan 1994, when Michael Jackson’s astrological chart was running a Mercury Mahadasha with Venus Bhukti which is 12th house lord or the house of loss.
Thereafter there were other cases of injury from ‘Child Molestation’ on 18th Dec 2003 during which influence of Mercury mahadasha, Saturn bhukti and Venus anthara  operated from August 2003 to Jan 2004. In this time of his glorious career Jackson entered into another bad phase. Saturn is transiting like an evil force from Rahu’s nakshatra, while Jupiter, Rahu and lagna with Lord Mercury are also from 12th Lord Venus’s nakshatras, concluding a more than evil time for him. Jackson soon had to post $3mn in bail at court-house in Santa Maria. Jackson's arrangement on the charges had been scheduled for 9th January 2004 in the morning 8:30 AM, at Santa Barbara Superior Court. Without a music contract for the first time in 35 years, Jackson had made financial woes with escalating legal costs to dismal record sales. Venus got connected to 5th house of kids with 12th house of loss, as Rahu in 5th house has been in Libra in Venus's sign, leading to trouble and loss of money through kids. In 2004, when Saturn the Bhukti lord was transiting in Gemini, there was evil lurking with Rahu and Badhaka planet with Jupiter's Nakshatra’s, right on Jackson's ascendant. From the trial, during which there was Mercury Mahadasha, Saturn Bhukti, and the Jupiter Anthara, Jackson was cleared of all charges on 13th June 2005, at the beginning of Ketu Mahadasha.
Death happens for the native who is going through the Mahadasha and Bhukti of the significators of Badhaka, and Maraka (2nd, 7th house, 12th house) houses. In Michael's astrological chart, Jupiter has both qualities of Badhaka and Maraka planets, as he is a Gemini ascendant. Jupiter is in conjunction with Rahu and aspects Ketu. So such a defined life stage and node will deliver the maleficent results of the Badhaka planet - Jupiter. Michael Jackson entered Ketu mahadasha during April 2005. Numerous efforts at a comeback failed to materialize. Jackson subsequently abandoned his home called Neverland, which is a California theme-park home. Under the Ketu Mahadasha and the Jupiter Bhukti which had been from period April 2009 to March 2010, he was expected to have died. Both Mahadasha lord Ketu and Bhukti lord Jupiter are the significatory of Badhaka and Maraka houses, and Ketu during this mahadasha delivered the evil results in Jupiter's Bhukti as Ketu is aspected by the evil Jupiter. The planet Ketu rules drugs; this indicates that death happened due to excessive use of drugs. Jupiter became retrospective on 16th June 2009. Jupiter the Badhaka and Maraka planet were aspecting natal Mercury the ascendant ruler in Michael's chart. Transiting Saturn from Leo was aspecting the already transit Mercury in Taurus at the same degree. Mercury the ascendant ruler had been transiting his 12th house along with the Taurus sign in Badhaka moon's Nakshatra or constellation. Both planets Rahu and Ketu had been in Ketu's sub in Sun, the Mahadasha lord. Michael was therefore in the Ketu, Jupiter and Saturn period at the time of his death. So Ketu, Jupiter and Saturn were the planets that had been responsible for his death. The person who would become responsible for his death will have Jupiter, Ketu, and Saturn as his or her ruling planets. These three planets will determine the ascendant of that person according to the Astrovalley Career Astrology.
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