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Gemini Love and relationships

Gemini Love and relationships in October 2015
Gemini is a grand third zodiac sign and for October 2015 it has a special significance in love and relationships. October month does not particularly signify the gods of love to be active, with Sun returning in November sparking an annual relationship review.

The Sun always spends first three weeks of October in romantic sector, this time also when love gods get their turn in general. Though Saturn in the relationship sector till end of 2017 brings Gemini to start a powerful relationship journey, one which they are in training for many months. Saturn returned to the relationship sector since 1988, spending six months before retrograding back out in mid June.

At this month’s juncture, the planet Venus of love will end her four month epic visit to communications sector of Gemini. There is a possibility of an incredible love relationship blooming on 9th October. While Mercury being retrograde till 10th October, plans to give the Gemini heart, their past and unsaid words a voice. Lunar Eclipse on the 8th occurs in a Gemini’s 11th house. This indicates a testing of Gemini’s true friendships.

Generally, this happens because of dramatic sides in the Gemini friends' personal lives, and is not necessarily due to the relationship itself. But if the relationship is fundamentally flawed, it can break up now. Mars spends most of the month in the Gemini’s 7th house of love. Gemini natives are more aggressive in love and in social matters this period, especially more willing to push things. They should avoid power struggles in love. This is their main danger now.

A new moon in romantic sector on 13th October brings promise of new beginnings and a fresh start. Also, when planets with cosmic activity start to occur in Libra, for Gemini’s there can be a larger focus on romance. This is so because Libra in Gemini native’s solar chart is strongly associated with romance, dating, fun relationships, and playful sex. There is some activity in September and October which can get the ball rolling in Gemini native’s romance sector leading to increasing both their appeal and desire.

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