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How can Religion and Spirituality Affect Our Health

How can Religion and Spirituality Affect Our Health

A look at the research shows that both can help us—in different ways

Spirituality and Religion are the two faces of a coin that have a profound positive impact on the human mind and body in different ways due to which their significant existence in the lives of every human being is necessary.

While spirituality is important for the mental well-being of humans, it is religion that takes care of the physical well-being as, while spirituality calls for the cleansing of one’s soul and thoughts by way of meditation, introspection and self-analysis, religion binds an individual within a certain routine which mandates discipline and healthy living habits.

Religion teaches mankind to be kind and considerate towards others and indulge in actions that benefits the society at large. Spirituality on the other hand teaches individuals to take time off to let the mind slow down so that not only can conflicting thoughts be eliminated, the mind can even find time to interact with the natural and divine forces of the universe.

If analyzed scientifically and practically all religions of the world have a healthy mix of both religious as well as spiritual practices so that both, the heart and the mind can be well fed. It can also be said that while spirituality allows the free flight of the mind, religion chains the body within strict boundaries not leaving room for any destructive practices to plague the physical being.

For religiously inclined people spirituality finds expression in religious practices but for those who are not too religiously inclined it is not necessary that spirituality will totally evade them as spiritual practices are all about conditioning one’s emotions and cleaning the mind in order to free it from all kinds of negative thoughts; something that can be done even while doing the regular household chores.

All faiths in the world are guided by the principle of treating others as we would like ourselves to be treated and this when diligently practiced by people automatically makes way for spirituality and following this principle should be a way of life for all, religiously inclined or not.

Thus, it can be said that the modern-day health conscious individuals who keep looking for healthy diet plans and regimens to manage weight and even reduce intake of toxic substances should gradually start adopting a religiously inclined lifestyle so that spiritual practices can automatically find a place in their lifestyle and make way for the cleansing as well as nutrition of both, the body and the mind.


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