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Leo and Aquarius can make good pair and it could long last if they both shed their ego. Their relation poses great physical chemistry. Aquarius’ confidence and scholarly power could be very attractive for Leo. This duo has not much similar character traits. Due to Aquarius short temper, Leo’s pride might get hurt. However, they have fair compatibility. 

Leo Man’s Match with Aquarius Woman
An exceptional connection could be build up if a Leo man admires the freedom and discreteness of Aquarius lady. On the other hand, she also has to perceive his requirement for closeness and intimacy. The similarity of this fondness match works well because of their strong physical nature would help strengthen this relation. They cherish the loving moments of life. A Leo man is concerned about himself though an Aquarius lady is stressed over the worldly situations. This combo will work depending on if they love one another. The connection has a great begin yet may wind up in a spin. 

Leo Woman’s Match with Aquarius Man
Aquarius man has a snide nature which may bubble the reaction in her. This match is not a great one. Aquarius man feels that this connection is a trouble for him. Unexpectedly Leo lady attempts to have him in captivity. The association can go a little longer way in the event that they give love and warmth to one another. Due to their inverse nature, this association can appreciate the diverse colors of life. 


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