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Leo and Taurus both possess the regular qualities of decision making power and solid determination. Leo cherishes to have the regard from the crowd whereas the Taurus continuously discovers a protected place near the close and dear ones. Certain situations may roll out because of their private miens and inconsistency. At the same time love and high energy holds strong position in their compatibility. Both are dynamic and fiery animals so they both might as well work out the situations. 

Leo Man’s Match with Taurus Woman
Taurus lady is selfish in nature she needs to make compromises and keep her sense of self aside to uphold this association for a lifelong. The Lion as the symbol for Leo can consistently attempt to be the core of regard and that may mischief a Taurus lady's personality. She will control her indignation and give course to the Leo man. Be that as it may this adoration match is not a truly terrible combo as he will drive forward to offer her with fondness, friendship and dedication. A Taurus lady will revel in the sentimental motions of a Leo man.

Leo Woman’s Match with Taurus Man
The passion and energy shares by Leo woman and Taurus man is the strength of their compatibility. Taurus men usually don't prefer to shed the weight of their pocket and they are quite squanderer. However, the Leo associate could continuously be equipped to make him pay for her pleasure. Anyhow the compatibility would be high as they believe that they are made for one another and their attitude should not be the obstacle. 

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