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Leo - Pisces

 Pisces wants to be at rest and Leo is a born ruler, Leo handles all the matter being the ruler of a family without disturbing Pisces, so this relation could work well. Pisces promptly supports the determinations made by the Lions. This is the positive focus which advances the solid love between them. Leo values her serenity and sympathy although she is intrigued by his muscle power. Leo needs to put in deliberations to know his Pisces mate as they posses reserved nature. There is no spot for fights in this connection. 
Leo Man’s Match with Pisces Woman
The connection of this pair should not be fruitful because of their inverse shafts. Leo is outgoing person and arrogant. Making fun of others and pointing out their weaknesses is Pisces nature. Leo man and Pisces lady may satisfy their long lasting companionship, they love to share the drama, dance, music and the cherishing moments of life. However, in terms of a love match, they are not perfect for each other. 
Leo Woman’s Match with Pisces Man
Sentiments, romance and passion are the factors which boost their relationship. The powerful nature of a Leo lady may tie this association to esteem the lifelong compatibility. A Leo lady and a Pisces man shape an inimitable love match. However, the egotistical nature of a Pisces man may leads to a conflict, which could not be bear by the liberal nature of a Leo lady.

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