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Leo and Cancer own diverse attitude which will for the most part damage their pride. A Cancer is a dedicated follower, their love match could work well as a Leo has a desire to be the leader. This affection match may consequence in an auspicious marriage. A Leo feels battled when a Cancer gives a ton of acclaims. The liking for each other and the love to be in each other’s company could make this relation a long lasting one and they could grow a strong affection. 

Leo Man’s Match with Cancer Woman
Leo men are liberal to impart their things. A Leo man cherishes to spend quality time with his mate. This love match is highly compatible. A Cancer lady needs for confidence and admiration which a Leo man is prepared to give. During the hardships and challenging time of a Cancerian lady, a Leo man is constantly on his heels for her support. They pay respect to each other’s feelings and emotions, which enhances the compatibility of this duo. Their successful association depends on their reliability and commitment. 

Leo Woman’s Match with Cancer Man
If the Leo lady and the Cancer man attempt to trade off with one another this love match could hold great compatibility. Cancer males are sentimental and arrogant, whereas the Leo ladies need adore and veneration. Provided that he is sure enough to give her the reverence and compliments she needs, this association can work out. A Leo man and a Cancer lady both need to be particularly touchy, however, regarding the other's sore spots. With little bit efforts, this love match can work out to be an ideal match.

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