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Leo and Capricorn posses such different characteristics that makes it difficult for them to make a good match. Capricorn is a saver, where as Leo consistently includes himself in luxuries. Their dissimilarities make it an incompatible relation. Capricorn likes to live a controlled and isolated life, however Leo is wistful and passionate. Their connection can go far provided that they attempt to over look their inadequacies. Duty and reliability are the qualities which can underpin their connection.
Leo Man’s Match with Capricorn Woman
Combativeness and sumptuous nature of a Leo man is different from Capricorn’s nature, so this match needs to put into enterprises to make the association work well. Capricorn lady prefers to be held. However, a Leo man needs to be in the spotlight. The positive approach of this pair can causes their association to improve. Desire, possessiveness or disengagement might as well not come to be the part of their trademark for the smooth compatibility. 
Leo Woman’s Match with Capricorn Man
Capricorn man’s dull nature contradicts Leo lady’s gratuitous, spontaneous and free nature. This could not be said as a good match as the Leo lady is enthusiastic about life’s happening, on the other hand the Capricorn man due to his reserved nature does not take every available opportunity to revel himself in social affairs. They both have common admiration towards one another. However, this is certainly not an ideal match. 

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