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The romance is always there in Leo and Sagittarius relationship. Leo and Sagittarius offer the warm connection. The possessiveness of a Leo may restrict the Sagittarius from enjoying the liberty. Both can make a good pair when they envy socializing, liberty and adventure. Sometimes the teasing nature of Sagittarius may induce the feeling of envy in Leo which can make little bit of problem in their comfort zone.

Leo Man’s Match with Sagittarius Woman
Due to similar character traits, the Leo man and Sagittarius woman can make a good pair. Leo men and Sagittarius ladies would give anything to be the center of attraction or to be in the spotlight. Their mutual understanding leads them to enjoy uncountable romantic and passionate moments. Their association with each other becomes strong with the passage of time, making it as an accurate soul mate match.

Leo Woman’s Match with Sagittarius Man
Leo and Sagittarius have great physical chemistry. They both are fun loving and like to enjoy life to its maximum. Sagittarius man possesses flirty nature, so the Leo lady needs to be careful, while keeping the eye on her partner. The compatibility enhances as a Sagittarius man has an intense and heartfelt nature which is moreover imparted by the Leo lady. Disregarding certain disservices can make this connection an incredible one.

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