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Leo - Gemini

 As per astrology point of view, both Gemini and Leo posses fun loving and adventurous nature and like to spend and enjoy their time with each other. Their exchanges may be quite fascinating. However, this could not work well from every aspect as the Gemini may touch off the envy in Leo. Leos are more equipped for of shaping long-continuing on bonds than Geminians. This may clash with Geminian's attribute of consistently being progressing. Leo's delicate conscience might get damage by Geminian's extremely sharp tongue. 

Leo Man’s Match with Gemini Woman
According to the astrologers the Gemini lady and a Leo man caqn make a good love match. They like gathering strangers and cherish setting off to gatherings. She will cherish his entertaining sense of humor while he will revere her for her bold zeal. This association can be loaded with sentiments, romance and ardor. This connection would be compatible if they keep complementing one another and never stand on the inverse side of the way, whatever may be the allurement.

Leo Woman’s Match with Gemini Man
The Gemini man and the Leo lady’s connection reflect an awesome level of compatibility. They both are loving, they like to mingle around with people and love to be the center of attraction. Fatigue will never challenge to encroach the similarity of this connection. Nonetheless, she will shrug her suspicious nature and study to let him have his particular space for development and in turn he will rule in his naughty tendencies. She should give him friendship and abstain from being envious. 

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