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 Leo the lions are warm, idealistic, expressive, and vehement. They have a thirst for admiration and consistently want to show ‘larger-than-life’ visualization. Humbleness and humility are not a not a part of their personality. A Leo is reliable and devoted, however more often they are inflexible and self centered. Their energetic and sentimental nature assists them in maintaining their love relation. However, they are compatible with very few zodiacs.
Leo Woman’s Match with Leo Man
Leo’s personality is dominating and self centered. In this relation both partners would like to be the center of attraction and want to leave behind the other.  Their love match could be an awesome victory or a calamity on account of their inverse nature. This zodiac match should not work well if any of them attempts to rule the other. By valuing each other’s opinion and maintaining the self esteem, both can make a good pair.

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