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Career Astrology : Moon in Aquarius

Career Astrology : If the Moon in Aquarius the native may make one a shilpi or technician.Such a native may suffer from poverty and sorrows.With the Moon in Aquarius, Native are deep observers. Moon in Aquarius people are interested in studying about humanity and are shy in nature and genarally feel to be isolated from the society.

The resurgent Moon in Aquarius
Moon placement in the Sun sign of individual is a great benefic and influence over other similar planetary impacts. Astrology horoscope predicts calm, soft feelings from presence of Moon.

Moon in Aquarius makes people to be extremely observant. As they are life time students of human nature – analyzing why people do what they do. Moon in Aquarius people often grow up feeling different, due to character or conditioning. Being sociable they are often loners from their heart. Having strong egos or at least powerful defense mechanism most of individuals try to get unique and unusual as they can be. Inner feelings put them on outside looking inwards as they do not quite fit in.

It is very idealistic and a progressive streak of natives which are appreciated by many. These people would deny the emotions such as possessiveness, jealousy and fear in an effort to be above pettiness. When this is gone far enough it is emotionally   distant, blocked and detached. The Moon in Aquarius people are willful, especially childhood. With progressive age then these native people learn to manage their strong needs as well. They are proud of family, boasting of their uniqueness. When families are ultra conservative, boast is about rebelliousness. As they are of strong desire for being independent, their desire to shock everyone is not always apparent till their relationships become comfortable.

With a high amount of temper and willful behavior in youth Moon in Aquarius people often grow with a feeling asserting that messy emotions are unappealing. Although they are adept at understanding others behavior and motivations they can and do lose touch with their own, due to strong identification to aspiration of individuality (super human). They often pride in being cool, detached and above more base of emotions. They can alienate others and themselves as well in this process. They have powerful desire to be humanitarian.

Natives seemingly have low compassion, since they reason and expect others to be as independent and detached. Though in personal relationships they give lot of personal freedom while tolerating and enjoying idiosyncrasies of people around them.


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