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Career Astrology : Moon in Cancer

Career AstrologyIf the Moon in Cancer, the native must be fortunate in matters of profession, wealth and comforts of life. He may be in a job or profession connected with ravels, foreign residence, water, flowers, horticulture, hydel power , irrigation, food-control ,navigation, marine, etc.If the Moon in Cancer are very sensitive and they care feelings with utmost care.. These people like to be with their feelings and have the try out the feelings of others perfectly andhey are intuitive also.

Create the best future with Moon in Cancer
Moon is a super planetary influence for people in Cancer. It is a benefic and correct placement when in Cancer. This is the most subjective position of moon. Moon is a natural ruler of sign and the moon is at home here.

Moon in Cancer people have large potential to get in touch with feelings and moods of others. These natives are quite wrapped in themselves. Their memories of past are outstanding for all things which are emotional. Moon in Cancer people do not get detached instead they cling to things, home and people they care for more. These individuals seek security and familiarity in all that they commit themselves. Their next attachment to all things safe means they are getting unsure of change, look for peace and quiet.

These individuals are devoted and accommodating who dislike superficiality in all forms. These natives accumulate things to feel secure and with a strong attachment to a memory of past, other people might complain that Moon in Cancer people tend to whip a dead horse. They feel they are taken for granted, while they do not always confront other people directly. They would instead use roundabout ways to get attention or be manipulative due to insecurity. They have a striking depth to feeling and imagination.

For these natives every encounter is meaningful as it gives weight to relations. They would however have hard time compartmentalizing lives since watery Moon tends to know no boundaries. They may sometimes act irrationally. They also have a loony sense of humor when they are funny. They also get moody which is baffling others though a unique outlook on life is what people would appreciate.

Every life experience for them is an emotional impression and gets held forever. With powerful memories which can be woven into story, music and art would pull interest and heartstrings of audiences and loved ones. Their dark side nurtures a wound for long time. Often demand more from love and even test loyalty of other people without revealing their feelings. Moon in Cancer people refill well at home and need a solid base of unflagging support.

With lots of solitude to calm them as a psychic sponge from others. When things are in place they would show their true strength. Moon in Cancer is bound to be challenging and rewarding. The ideal person understands strength and sensitivity. Their trust is won if you can provide shelter when they are vulnerable and provide encouragement to face world.


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