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Career Astrology : Moon in Sagittarius

Career AstrologyIf the Moon in Sagittarius the native may be brilliant, brave, and a scholarly person. He may be a shilpi or a technician. In our view such native are good doctors, administrators, rulers, warriors, fighter’s officers. People born when moon in Sagittarius are positive people in life. They love freedom, and cannot stay restricted. They are happy-go-lucky. Towards life. Native with the moon in Sagittarius are positive in nature under maximum circumstances. This trait makes them happy all the time. They take challenges to prove yourself. However, they need regular motivation from the trusted one.

Placement of Moon in Sagittarius

Moon in the placement of Sagittarius is a benefic and most favorable one. The native born with Moon in Sagittarius is growing with need for personal freedom and space.


These individuals are happy and easygoing people as they do not feel caged in or cooped up. Moon in Sagittarius makes them have a simultaneous need for activity. Meeting new people, going into world and travel are important to their sense of well being. They love open spaces, and a roomy and bright environment in their room. With the Moon in Sagittarius there is a bit of teacher in them and definitely a helpful spirit. They can easily forget appointments and might even be considered irresponsible. It is hard to get or stay angry with them as they are cheerful and upbeat with a catchy optimism.


People in position of Moon in Sagittarius are outdoor type. At the least they get great love for friendly competition and when it is tough they would run away. Individuals in this position do not feel like to be in routine for longer time and feel need to escape. There is a blind faith which makes them admirable. They believe everything would work out best. Highly adaptable they would go for many a difficult situation. They are light hearted souls with instinct of following a meaningful path. These are radiant, fun and visionary and open hearted. Appreciating life as an adventure they never stop exploring and learning new things.


These natives with Moon in Sagittarius are charismatic and hold their own in large gatherings. With intellectual curiosity they can put people at ease with sharp insights and wit. As it is a fire sign, these natives feel the urge to take risks, and often do not heed warnings, i.e., they draw upon fate and instincts a great deal.


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