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Career Astrology : Moon in 11th house

Career AstrologyBhrigu says that the Moon in 11th house makes one meritorious. If the 11th lord is strong and well-placed, the native may have numerous gains. If the 11th lord be weak and ill-placed, the native may have high spending or little gains. Such a native may have gains of hidden wealth. Moon in  eleventh house in the horoscope chart are influenced by Jupiter and Saturn .The Moon in eleventh house affects adversely if the native’s son while if ketu is placed in the fourth house in the horoscope , then it will give negativity i to his/her mother.

Astrology of Moon in 11th house

Astrology reading for birth horoscope is benefited from Moon placement. The planet is a most pleasant and warm presence of celestial arena for which it provides softness which can be leading to problems sometimes. Arrival of Moon in 11th house brings positive impacts and blesses the person with blissful and happy life.

A native individual with Moon in 11th house would be a truly warm and humanitarian person bringing an approach for goodness all around them. These individuals have many true relations while they develop great friendships comprising mostly women. They are secure in relationships as it is said that this is their necessity.

These native individuals possess immense emotions while they also respect other people’s emotions. With Moon in 11th house they have deep desire to reach higher while carrying high aspirations. They remain unselfish though quiet unstable in approach, they would change their future plans often. These individuals are firm and stable with their life path which brings them great success. The 11th house in horoscope chart usually receives influence of Planet Jupiter and Saturn as they derive results from this combination.

Moon in 11th house adversely affects native’s son while if Ketu is placed with 4th house in horoscope then it would bring negative impacts to the native’s mother. Their profession which is associated with planet Mercury does not bring benefits if Moon is malefic in the placement. These natives would be better off should they not buy or begin construction of house on Saturday.

Also they should not pursue Kanyadan or get involved with marriage on Fridays as this would bring adverse impacts to native. Individuals with Moon in 11th house should provide milk as donation to sacred places and to needy people. There must be a piece of gold, heated first and put in glass of milk before drinking it. Individuals must also offer 125 pieces of sweet preferred peda in a river for best results.


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