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Career Astrology : Moon in third house

Career Astrology Bhrigu says that the Moon in the 3rd Bhava may make one unfortunate. The native may suffer loss of money by way of fine or punishment at the age of 24 years. Narayan Bhattand Jeevannath Jha say that the Moon in the 3rd Bhava makes one earn money by dint of one’s own strength or efforts. 

Forecasts from Moon in 3rd house 
People who crave to have their future forecasted are right to get astrology predictions from presence of moon in their horoscope. Astrology predictions based on Moon placement offers a good insight into how the native individual develops their future in life and career. Especially Moon in 3rd house is a stellar influence to know better the astrology based prediction. 

Moon in 3rd house is of the relevant one to know as it guides a similar feature of its influence on the native. As it is of profound emotional depth, the native is quiet fragile at their core with gain of more lackness towards inner potency of the individual.  Moon is a celestial soft presence while being serious approach with life alongside a fantastical and imaginative blend. It would bring a much longer period of life. Native having Moon in 3rd house would not be much stronger from the core neither would they carry valor from general planetary placements.  

These individuals do not take hasty decision and never take risk in life as they are not strong enough to fight. While on other hand these individuals with Moon in 3rd house are probably born with insatiable curiosity to learn various things from which they can acquire better learning with special involvement of history and archeology subjects. These individuals lack stability of mind with easy receptions of influence of world for which they would need to frequently change with surroundings and stay unable to stand with one thing in the end.  

The native with Moon in 3rd house is good communicator though they express their most emotional part of words that is not good at times. It is also one of the charming and lovely part which induces many a deep relationship. This placement of Moon in 3rd house alongside placement of Mars and Venus in 9th and 11th houses respectively brings about truly positive impacts, while the malefic influence as yet would return loss of wealth to period of malefic planet of 9th house.  

Individuals in placement to the Moon would need to serve other people with milk and water for bettering Moon’s position to worship Goddess Durga as well as feed little girls with food and sweets. Donations of stuff to Moon like silver or rice after girl child birth with donations of stuff like wheat and jaggery after boy child birth would matter most for the native. Besides, the individual must take care not to use his or her daughter’s wealth, as this is a sure malefic and bad influence later for him or her.

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