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Career Astrology : Moon in Libra

Career AstrologyIf the Moon occupies Libra be native may be religious full of energy fall in stature, brave, restless. The Moon in Libra encourages one to see life through rose tined spactle the profession indicated are legal management consultants, Film Industry, Interior Decorator, Photo Graphics, Perfume Manufacturers, Airhostess Leasion Officers, Receptionists Native with the moon in Libra are trouble-shooters oin life. They have a quality for creating balance and harmony among people. Moon in Libra native are very tactful in the day to day activity. People with Libra moon avoid loneliness and love to be active with people in society.

The reading for Moon in Libra
Moon shows the influence of planetary stellar impact on individuals. It has a soothing presence. Moon in Libra people have stronger need for partnerships. They would feel incomplete without someone to share their lives with. People in this position get involved in marriages or living together arrangements quite young.


Moon in Libra bestows many special aspects for the individual. They are sympathetic and concerned for others, enjoy socializing and revel in good debate. They feel secure and safe in partnerships. They would find strength and reinforcement in and through others, i.e., they seem to need someone to tag along their side wherever they go. Both men and women with the Moon in Libra are quite charming.

These individuals are attractive to be around and give in to flirtatiousness. The Moon in Libra people are rarely directly aggressive and win your heart with gentle and refined ways. These natives cannot simply but help see flaws in environment and relations. Until it is fixed, it would keep bothering them. Though they have diplomacy they would argue with long standing partners and rarely let up till they have won.


Living with the native from Moon in Libra can make you feel like you are on trial and he or she is an expert lawyer. Sometimes they would defend and support your view. They can leave much discontent with relations due to their idealistic outlook, constant striving for best and harmonious lifestyle.

Moon in Libra native individuals have high aesthetic standards, with a light airy quality to their nature which is refreshing. These individuals are experts at finding a workable compromise. They can win trust of many people owing to their innate fairness.

These individuals can claim to be truly people person since they often use other people’s mirror to understand their own natures. As it is air sign, it would often lead through the head rather than heart.


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