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Home Career Astrology : Moon In Leo

Career Astrology : Moon in Leo

 If the Moon in Leo, the native may be a ruler or a commander. He is always prompt in his work. He will be full of courage and valour, whatever may be his profession. The Native with Moon in Leo are most generous, they dislike ingratitude and are praised and get appreciation from the society

Astrology for Moon in Leo
Moon is a benefic placement for native under the Leo sign. These natives are best poised with most gains from placement of Moon in Leo. Many Leo people become outgoing; they do like being the center of attention. They like being spotlight in comfort of home and with family and friends.

While they enjoy entertaining others, often comically they also feel need to organize and control their families or friends. While this is a creative position of Moon these individuals want to create and entertain. They are lazy at times and bossy too. They feel a deep need to treat justly and fairly. While they require love and care to function in world, they could get dramatic in their emotional displays.

They are too concerned with image to make any untoward scenes outside home, though they prefer to take things in dignified ways. If their pride is hurt then they give in to big scenes and sulking, which is rare occurrence. These individuals are personally popular folks who value their integrity with a strong sense of justice.

There is everything easier with reasoning to a native under Moon in Leo. It usually works well with the developed sense of fairness. Moon in Leo people are expressive called as drama queens or kings. There is an early compulsion to show off their artistic achievement and winning all popularity contests. But of this be left unchecked, their natural desire to be center stage leads to melodramatic personality draining others. Many individuals under this placement of Moon would get bursts of enthusiasm which is over the top.

But once count on them, and they would cheer you into risk. Moon in Leo people are natural leaders with self confidence which radiates message that life is not only good and abundant but also fun. A true gift is ability to inspire others with power that revives lost dream or heal a broken heart. They can also surprise with act of generosity rekindling faith in friendship. In love, their foundation of pride keeps Moon in Leo people from extra show of vulnerability. They have childlike trust and very tender heart.

When they get wounded in love, it can take quite a while for their royal bearing to return. Moon in Leo people advance with the presence of planet in their horoscope prediction or birth chart. Knowing these details an individual can benefit by understanding his or her future events, interests etc.


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