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Career Astrology : Moon in 12th house

Career AstrologyNarayan Bhatt and Jeevanath Jha say that the Moon in the 12th Bhava may make one spend on good cause. Kashinath says that if may give one a degraded job. Jayadeva says that it may confer jobs of cruel nature such as military, police, surgery, butchery, terrorism, robbery, arson etc. Mantreshwar says that it makes one lazy and disgraced.

Astrology of Moon in 12th house

Moon with the believed positive celestial presence bestows pleasing results to individual with goodness in their life path. Placement of Moon in 12th house brings pleasures and comfort to individual with imbalance in fiancés end at times which is altogether a good picture.

Native individuals under the placement of Moon in 12th house are truly emotional and sensitive in social arena for which they listen to other people’s need at first and truly feel their pain. These individuals can understand the requirements of others well and help people around them with best of efforts.

They are also quiet reserved and have inability to express from their inner core for which they feel fear in being misunderstood and hurt. They seek inner security for which they feel peaceful in solitude. It is their sensitive core which is reason for unstable personality.

Besides being quietly fragile from the inside, these individuals also confront instability in career path as they are unclear in approach bringing them periodic retirement at times. They believe about public welfare as they are involved in public institutions, hospitals, government and larger corporations.

Moon in 12th house being ruled by Jupiter also has a pleasing relation resulting in positive impacts from this placement. Individual natives in household bring positive effects with the things associated with Mars though it could also harm things related to Mercury and Ketu within their career horoscope placements.

Moon in 12th house can bring some unreasonable fear in native’s life which could be bringing lack of sleep and peace of mind. Placement of Ketu in 4th house alongside this placement brings adverse impact upon the native’s son and mother. Individuals who are born under Moon in 12th house should wear gold over their body and drink milk after putting a hot piece of gold in it. They must remain true in their life path and be devoted towards spiritual aspects which reduce malefic effects of the placement.

Besides, the malefic effects of Ketu in 4th house could reduce through offering and donating milk, food and services at religious places to needy people. Individuals under this placement of Moon should never earn money or have their business associated with educational institutes, never helping children for free education.

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