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Career Astrology : Moon in Gemini

Career AstrologyIf the Moon in Gemini in your birth chart you may be at home in intellectual pursuits, arts, artisanship, shilpa or technology of any kind, sport, works of writing, journalism, travels, mathematics, science, commerce, trade, banking, ambassadorship, medical profession. When Moon in Gemini, Native are charming, witty, spontaneous in nature. They are figure of mental excellence and give their response to situations, which is generally verbal in nature.

The interesting placing of Moon in Gemini
The moon is a benefic planet which is bestowing a great presence. With Moon in Gemini this is a generally good thing to happen. These individuals are pleasant, witty and charming people.

With the home and family the native is moody and irritable at times. People with Moon in Gemini are interesting folks, with finger in every pie, curious to fault and generally well informed. Their common traits are having nervousness and worry. They have an underlying restlessness and need more stimulation than other people.


They would read and talk a lot. Moon in Gemini people have their homes as a perpetual work in progress. They do not like housework and are big on home improvement. With reorganizing their homes in little and sometimes big ways makes them happier. They get easily bored with routine and constancy. These traits are reflection of the inner world. 

Most people with Moon in Gemini are easily unsettled.  Though as parents they are generally adept with handling intellectual needs of children than emotional ones. Complicated emotions can be difficult for them to handle. They often take role of organizing get together. They are at best when plenty of things are to be done beyond routine. Moon in Gemini people almost always get along with words. Being clever and witty they can be found chatting with others.


Often sociable and friendly they feel good in crowds. Their imaginations are boundless and are impressionable folk. With Moon in Gemini they are more open minded and their ability to make decision suffers for it. They have exceptional versatility and adaptability, while monotony is worst fear when they prefer change and adventure.

With problems they want to talk them out. They are comfortable analyzing their problems making them look detached. They prefer talking about their feelings than experiencing them. It is common that they get misunderstood, but in relationship are loyal and loving. Problem is that they can be attracted physically though not stimulate intellectually and vice versa.


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