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Career Astrology : Moon in 6th house

Career AstrologyBhrigu says that the Moon in the 6th Bhava makes one lazy in his work. If Such a Moon in combined with malefic, it may confer interior or degraded means of livelihood. If such a native may have quarrels with his enemies. Benefic conjunctions may make one less unfortunate.

Get prosperous with moon in 6th house
Moon is a benefic planet with soul stirring influence, divinity in emotions and love for all human beings. Arrival of the Moon in 6th house is a huge impact on mental composure of native which provides soft mind to people making them sympathetic and helpful. This is also inadvertently a reason for restlessness.

Native of this Moon placement is a truly sincere person at work who are a bit more concerned about productivity and accomplishing work. These individuals want to be best from work and due to this aspiration when they feel dissatisfaction; it leads to disturbed mental appearance. People with Moon in 6th house are having chronic tension while at work. This leads them to be also frequently changing jobs and professionally unstable. People with Moon in 6th house are having problems in education also.

Native individuals are very much flexible and understanding with work and colleagues. They would give all possible help to them though sweet attitude can only be a reason of annoyance for other people. While they would confront health problems arising from work pressure as also mental pressure. Individuals with Moon in 6th house are emotionally attached to work which is significant reason for happiness and then they stay peaceful and busy through the work.


Placement of the planet Mercury and Ketu in a person’s birth chart horoscope prediction includes Moon being affected from 2nd, 4th, 8th and 12th house. There is definitely a bad malefic placement of Moon in 6th house with planet in Mercury placed in 2nd and 12th house bringing suicidal thoughts to individual. Whereas a malefic placement of Moon with the placement of Sun in 12th house bringing severe eye problems to the spouse of the native individual.

Placement of the native with Moon in 6th house should serve milk with respect to fathers and not provide milk at night. Intake of milk products during day does not have any bad malefic impact though individuals need not donate milk, while they can do so at pious places like temples or holy cities.

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