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Career Astrology : Moon in Pisces

Career astrologyIf the Moon in Pisces the native may make one a shilpi or technician, an engineer, a warrior scholar a musician a navigator, a ruler or a government servant. Native of Moon in Pisces are sensitive in nature and are very caring towards other. Moon in Pisces people specially women can easily relate with the pain and sufferings of others and so they can be very helpful to those in pain.


Astrology of Moon in Pisces
Moon is a pleasant influence with benefic influence for individual. It is known to make the individual dreamy and not always in touch with reality for Moon in Pisces. Though with this inference, the native may not always be real world savvy or practical in matters of day to day or world affairs. He or she could make it up from intuition nonetheless.

Moon in Pisces provides these native with ability to put themselves into another person’s shoes with remarkable ease. Downside of this apparent ability is that to break down barriers or boundaries they can easily lose themselves in other people suffering while it endows them with beautiful love and compassion.

The native is having a delightful humor which might get them to look silly and a bit odd. However these individuals are perceptive individuals who are in touch with all nuances and subtleties of human nature. This often comes through in a strong sense of humor which is of receptive nature than a humor which people think of as ‘life of party’.  


They are easy to get to giggling. Moon in Pisces people might get a tag of being ‘spaced out’ though they have a lot more to them than what meets the eye. These individuals feel the things out and rely on intuition. This is their natural way of getting around things which put otherwise would not feel right.

Moon in Pisces people’s dreaminess could also mean plenty of moments of absent mindedness. Under times of oblivion this can lead them into all sorts of predicaments to others which are too easily misunderstood by these complex souls. The Moon in Pisces people need plenty of space and time to daydream which could lead to getting overloaded with life. They can generally take on world given enough room to them, even if their style is conventional or understandable.


As they are generally considered soft hearted and sweet Moon in Pisces people care about others and get touched with human suffering. With this tendency they are reputed as suckers for sob stories. They would learn to discern sincerity from manipulation later in life. They would harbor many soft corners still.


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