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Career Astrology : Mars in 4th house

Career AstrologyNarayan Bhatt and Jeevanath Jha says that native with Mars in the 4th House are unfortunate in the sense that their Mars sets at not good effects of all other planets. It means, Mars in the 4th House may Mar all good prospects of a horoscope.


Astrological effect of Mars in 4th house
Mars is a vivid and express provider of potency with aggression for individuals. It bestows many new attributes on presence of Mars in 4th house including strength to mind, aggressive and hastiness of approach.

Natives with Mars in 4th house are much attached to their homes with possessive and protective nature for close family members and friends. These people would stay involved in family matters and concerned of them but with arrogant and impatient attitude they are leading to conflicts to home for and of family members as well. This takes them away from the idea of marriage. Usually these individuals are most dominating people at home.

These natives have immense love making the Mars in 4th house protective towards mother country. With a audacious approach which is vigorous they seek deep patriotism inclining towards defense professions and appear like militant from early age and possess strong physical appearance even in old age. Person having Mars in 4th house could also get involved with environmental and ecological aspects.


Mars in 4th house makes native rude and harsh at times while they do possess good attitude towards younger ones. Also they have lot of malice and jealousy for others. The native’s aggression would be reason why most of hurdles and obstacles appear in life. They would not get much peace in their lifetime.

These individuals must keep a square form of silver part and stay away from black, one eyes or disabled people. They need to confer sweet milk to roots of banyan tree and also provide some of same wet soil over their navel. Mars in 4th house would place empty bags of sugar on roof of house, shop or factory to defend it from any fire disasters. Employing these rituals would mean you can reduce the malefic impacts of Mars to a large extent in your astrological horoscope prediction.

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