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Career Astrology : Mars in leo

Career Astrology : If the Mars occupies  in Leo the native may make one ever enterprising in endeavours. Such a native  will conquer hurdles and enemies in his profession. He will be quite a daring  and courageous person..

Mars in Leo
Mars planet is a celestial potency and aggressive influence on the individual life path. Mars is a benefic strong impact on native and when Mars in Leo then this is a significant position indeed.

Mars in Leo people possess a strong need to create and with that they are determined to have meaning. This is a particularly vital position of Mars. These individuals are highly passionate and are desirous. With a strong will, these natives have much more staying power. Mars in Leo native get to enjoy benefit of risk taking though they generally have strong sense of reason at end of day. Mars in Leo people have well defined ambitions. These natives act with authority and power with their personal magnetism endowing them with ability to get what they want.

Mars is one of the much more sexual positions in Leo. With easier arousal their passion is long standing. Mars in Leo enjoy sex more than most as long as love and romance are part of package. In a typical partnership, they expect to have or demand loyalty and admiration from their partner. These individuals are easily impatient with people or things which are small minded and disloyal.  These individuals have a strong sense and streak of idealism. They would be seen getting ‘fired up’ when they feel either humiliated or also defending their very own high principles.  Mars in Leo natives are acting with their heart. For them their ego is tied up with their actions such that almost anything they do would become a source of pride. As some of these natives are self righteous and quarrelsome, there are still other more sophisticated people in this position of Mars who are kindly leaders.


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