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Career Astrology : Mars in capricorn

Career Astrology : When The Mars in Capricorn: If the Mars occupies in Capricorn the native may make one successful in endeavours. Such a native may save money. He may be a ruler, a commander or an officer. He may earn wealth, fame, and passion in his profession.

Ambitious Mars in Capricorn
Mars is a celestial presence of vivid strength and potency to an individual. The fiery Mars can take a more perfect position with the orderly sign of Capricorn.

Mars in Capricorn individuals have rather subdued and a controlled style of approaching life. These individuals are not particularly enthusiastic though it is low key but a determined energy. They like to be on top of things, are goal oriented people and focused without being afraid of hard work. Most of the native would be achievers by nature and possess sure footed as also well defined ambition more than anything else. These are not particularly flashy people though their drive to succeed and secure lives is strong.

Anger is expressed by them in cool and level headed way with this position of Mars. Self control is strong and when it comes to express anger, drive, energy or sexuality. They detest waste of any kind. They also fear disorderliness and letting go. They generally have a powerful need to stay with control. These individuals are not cold in any sense of word. They have good desires and strong, which are often centered on material and physical world which can be seen and held.  Mars in Capricorn is an earth sign, with sensuality expressed in earthy manner. They are not self indulgent by nature. These natives are quite well disciplined. They would possess the ability to plan for the future, something which many people in different signs would be doing. The natives are working ahead on realistic and attainable goals. As productive people who get off when they observe tangible results from their efforts, many of the natives are hard on themselves and sometimes on others.

As reliable people they have an innate sense of responsibility with both themselves and those whom they care about. Most of them are hard working while one of their most relied strategies in anger management would be to throw in energetically into work.


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