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Home Career Astrology : Mars In Aquarius

Career Astrology : Mars in Aquarius

Career Astrology : If the Mars occupies in Sagittarius the native may make one a warrior. Such a native wants always to travel by vehicles. He has sorrow on account of enemies and ill-health. He may spoil his wealth,position and happiness on account of his anger and harsh speech. Mars in Aquarius native can be difficult to understand exactly what makes him. And that's why  they always  surprise people.

Unequivocal Mars in Aquarius
Mars in Aquarius is a special placement of astrological stellar presence of the planet. Mars is a potency and great strength provider to individuals. Mars in Aquarius it is simply unpredictable for native.

Mars in Aquarius people enjoy surprising other people which is absolutely fine with them. Tried and true methods of having done things are too boring for those born with Mars in this unique and original sign. These native folks have a rather original view to world also. Generally, quite proud of their independence. With Mars in Aquarius fixed sign they do not get easily pushed around. Since Aquarius people are progressive and open minded when it comes to world at large, it is certainly surprising that on personal level they can be obstinate.

Aquarius people are progressive and they feel boxed in, these are quite likely to rebel. By discovering a pattern to their ways, they make sure there is not much predictability next time around. As the planet Mars is in an air sign, these individuals are set to get off to higher mental and intellectual pursuits. Aquarius people are scattered sign even though it might be persevering in long run. With a method to madness it might not be easy to see. With this position of Mars, projects are taken on with shotgun style approach. They are generally quite clever at getting what they want and adept at getting it their way.

While they are not an overtly aggressive position it is very willful. Combining this with the cleverness of the Air sign, you would get a person who is creative of wants but is also getting their way. They have a willingness of letting others be where they place a lot of value in freedom and individuality. They would need space to be themselves and plenty of room to breathe. As these are not touchy types, these natives would often laugh at tradition. In their personal relations their approach to intimacy is definitely on detached side, which is baffling and frustrating to personal and affectionate personalities. Of all personal planets mars in Aquarius, Mars placed would show strongest reformer streaks. Aquarian ideal of equality works best with position and desire to push agenda on others runs on high. Obstinacy and superiority complex are least desirable traits and openness to new ways of doing things is where they would shine their best.


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