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Career Astrology : Mars in 2nd house

Career AstrologyNaryan Bhatt and Jeevanth Jha shared the view that the native with Mars in the 2nd house destroy their wealth Vaidyanath says that Mars in the 2nd House may make one a metallurgist or a lawyer, debater or a farmer or a foreign resident.


Astrology of Mars in 2nd House
Mars is mangal planet with an energetic presence for individuals under this position. It gives vigorous and potent individuals with high involvement of money making these native’s endeavors and hard work in earning to maximum extent.

Individuals in the placement of Mars in 2nd house are perceived to earn good amount of affluence from using their intellect and intelligence as these are born with strong business aptitude. They would not pursue much savings as they spend it in earning materialistic pleasures and are careless with money.  


These individuals of Mars in 2nd house are firm and aggressive in their attitude besides which they also become possessive with their belongings while mostly which are earned from own efforts. The individuals of Mars in 2nd house are also firm with needs and wants preparing to do everything for this. Natives need not venture into aggressive and harsh words while intending to control urge for having all that they see around.

They need to maintain a calm behavior for lowering malefic effects of their placement. Placement of Mars in 2nd house brings good wealth from in-laws to native making person wicked and hypocritical of others leading them to death in war or other quarrels. Mercury in placement reduces will power and inner strength of individual.


The people with Mars in 2nd house should pursue business associated with Moon as related to clothes for acquiring good results. For maximum benefits they need to keep the skin of deer in their homes. These people are said to be quite possessive both of material things and of people. They would like a physical challenge, with physical abilities and energetic make up being strong part of self worth.


These natives like to work in independent manner and value things most with some achievements of own. This world of five senses is important for sensual and sexual levels. They would have a hearty appetite with stronger stamina while defending their values in fervent manner.

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